Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Went to Grand Haven for the first time yesterday. Yes, two-plus years in GR and it's my first time there. My friend Tim remarked "There should be a bikini standard" at one point as we were walking around. Let your mind wander....

This is an album I won't be purchasing:

Paris Hilton Plans Reggae, Hip Hop Album

Paris Hilton says her upcoming album will be a mix of reggae, pop and hip-hop, with the first single being a reggae song called "Stars Are Blind."

Hilton will also do a remake of the Rod Stewart song "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?," she was quoted as saying in the June issue of Hong Kong magazine Prestige.

"The whole album has so much different music on it. I like all music. It's not like I only like pop or only rock. I want to have something for everybody," Hilton said.

Hilton said she wrote the lyrics to seven of her songs. The article didn't say how many songs are on the album.

She said she had to overcome shyness to become a singer.

"I have always had a voice and always known I could sing, but I was too shy to let it come out. I think that is the hardest thing you can do, to sing in front of people. When I finally let go and did it, I realized it is what I am most talented at and what I love to do the most," Hilton said.

Prestige reported the single, "Stars Are Blind," will be released this month by Warner Records and her own label Heiress Records, followed by a full album later this year.

I wish I was making that up.

I had a message on my mobile phone tonight that was intended for someone named Nick. So Nick, your mom would like you to run over and get the keys out of the LeBaron tonight because your dad left them in there. She would really appreciate it and loves you.

I wish I was making that up too.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Entrance music: "City Girl" by The Owls.

I'm ready for the sun and warmer weather. I had to pull out a hat again tonight to cover up the baldness.

A seven-year old boy swam from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore. Pretty inspiring and convicting story.

This is story is simply great.

Calif. Police Find Man Stuck in Chimney

BRAWLEY, Calif. (AP) - A man faces a burglary charge after police found him stuck a chimney. Matthew Allen, 27, told police he fell down the chimney after going on to the roof of the house to look at the stars.
When he got stuck near the bottom of the chimney, he took his pants off and began waving them around to set off the home's motion detectors. Brawley police officers were dispatched to the house twice Saturday morning but saw no signs of an intruder.
Neighbors eventually heard a commotion coming from the house and called the police.
``I've read and heard of things like that before,'' Brawley Fire Capt. Manuel Sevilla said, ``but I've never seen it. The situation, it was more funny than anything.'' Fire workers lowered a chain ladder to Allen, who was able to climb out from the chimney.
When transported to Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley for treatment Allen tried to flee but was detained by hospital staff.
Allen, who had a warrant for his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, faces a count of residential burglary.

I've been listening to these songs a lot the past couple days.

"Hiding In Corners" by SAW
"Annetichrist" by Superdrag
"Strange Design" by Midnight Movies
"You Know More Than I Know" by John Cale

I'm debating an internet fast for the month of June.

Exit music: "Nimrod's Son" by Pixies.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Entrance music: "What Went Wrong (In Your Head)" by Supergrass.

It's confirmed.

What I want primarily in all my connections with people–family, friends, co-workers, dates, boys and girls, etc–is simply honesty. (Yes @m--que the Billy Joel song now please.) I feel like I can handle everything else, but dishonesty I can't/don't/choose not to handle. If someone decides they don't want to see me anymore; tells me they think my singing sucks; finds my glabrous bald head repulsive; would rather sever all contact with me... Those things would hurt my feelings; not hearing those things but some kind of excuse or surface-level reason or blatant lies instead simply pisses me off.

This is nothing profound, but I'm feeling the frustration a lot the past couple weeks. Does crummy weather bring out a little deceiver in each of us or something?

In my more pessimistic and melancholic days, I would have been blasting "Terrible Lie" as loudly as I could physically stand it. Instead, it's mellow Brit-rock with it's murky midtempo songs that lull me into a hypnotic state where I don't think about what's really got me frustrated.

Is avoidance any better than entertaining those kinds of feelings.....

Exit music: "Quicksand" by Travis


Friday, May 12, 2006

So there's not much debate about the new Snow Patrol record, Eyes Open (Amazon US, Amazon UK, CD Wow). It's not as good as Final Straw, I have to admit. It's not as immediately engaging (though that's almost not fair since FS opened with "How To Be Dead," quite possibly one of my favorite opening tracks of all time...) and after my fifth or sixth listen, there are still songs I'm not interested in listening to. It's more confident, that's for sure, but also a little safer.

All the same, they will be in Pontiac (yes, Michigan!) on June 9, so whoever plans to join me make sure you leave a comment soon.

I'm not typically a fan of these AOL Sessions, but the Snow Patrol one is pretty good. The performances are much better than the interviews.

Chasing Cars (my favorite track from Eyes Open)
Hands Open
Run (where Gary Lightbody forgets the words to the chorus!!)
You Will You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. (cover of Bright Eyes done with three acoustics)
You're All I Have

At least the pull off the songs well live. Maybe the record will grow on us more c@it and Stosh....


Thursday, May 11, 2006

New post at Shake Your Fist on Michigan duo Breathe Owl Breathe.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I can't stop listening to "Femme Fatale" by Ours. Corrin reminded me that I like this record and this song has captured my ears.

On the way to the Y this morning I passed a gas station. "Oh, $2.75 is pretty good," I said out loud, because I talk to myself all the time, especially when I'm driving. But I elected to wait and get gas later because I was too tired and needed the hot tub to wake me up. When I finally stopped for gas after work, the same place was now charging $2.95. It shouldn't cost $30 to fill up my little Saturn. I should ride my bike more. Or get a rickshaw.

I've been reading this book called The Bastard on the Couch (Amazon) and I'm highly entertained. A chapter snuck up on me though called "A Bachelor's Fear" that contains a paragraph this both accurately captures the stream of consciousness way my head works most of the time and so many of things I've thought/journalled/said to friends. (Forgive the length of the passage--feel free to skip to the end if you're either busy or not interested.)

There were also those mornings, especially holidays and weekends and times between assignments, when I had no plans, when my buddies were out of town or with their wives or girlfriends, when I wondered if I would die alone, when I wished there was someone next to me, someone sweet and loving and warm and funny and sexy, someone who, even if she might curtail my sports-page reading and sleeping late and e-mail checking, might let me hold her, might hold me, might ask me to help her work the crossword puzzle, might murmur with affection as I worried aloud about a vexing work project, who might bear my children, grow misty-eyed at how I would teach the little rascals to be strong and to shoot baskets and how to be helpful and sensitive to others' feelings while remaining true to their own convictions, who would indulge my sneaking them sweets between meals and telling them scary stories at bedtime, who might agree–exuberantly–to be my partner while we moved through the world, shoulder to shoulder, fingers interlocked, someone who would stroll underneath aged oak trees with me as we turned white and wrinkled, leaning on each other, someone whose fears I might help recognize as puny phantoms compared to our enduring and transcendent bond, someone who might liberate me from the crushing burden of myself."
-Steve Friedman, "A Bachelor's Fear"-

That's my favorite overly long sentence of all time I think.

That sentence welled up something inside me last night when I read it. Instead of bringing about a big sigh and help me feel (more) sorry for myself, it caused this incredible happiness for my friends who have found that kind of person. Maybe not the idyllic and naive "everything-will-be-perfect" vision those of us on the unrealized side of marriage--but the companionship and deep peace they find from another person. I felt a true joy for them. I really can say "I'm happy for you."

I would have to change the above 'sports page' example to music magazines. I need to read a greater percentage of a lesser number of them.

Stephen Baldwin is still not my friend on myspace. I don't know what I did....

Exit music: "On The Bus Mall" by The Decemberists.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Entrance music: "Stink" by Arab Strap.

The trend of inconsistent posts will continue. I leave for New York this afternoon. I doubt I'll have a chance to post before Saturday.

In my absence, I hope these images entertain you.

Exit music: "Something In My Eye" by Ed Harcourt.

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