Thursday, August 25, 2005

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It's strange how people can be so important at one point in your life and then be so absent. I'm feeling strangely conscious of these seasons where people are part of my life--or maybe I'm just conscious of the seasons he/she is NOT part of my life. That must be more accurate. What about being human makes absence such a great teacher while we can so easily ignore and take for granted what is right in front of us?

Currently playing: "Delicate" by Damien Rice.

I get really annoyed when people use the word "spin" whey they talk about playing a CD. I don't even like it being used as a joke. Every time I hear "You gonna spin some new tunes?" I want to smack the person like I'm Tony Soprano.

So much good music to choose from these days. I'm actually after a few CDs this month. I'll write more later about that--I'm in "negotiations" with someone now to possibly write more about music. I can't "use up" all those ideas on here....

Was in Chicago with AN this week. Caught a Cubs game on Tuesday night (a 10-1 win and got to see a grand slam!) and ate at Chipotle two times. I miss that city. I'll be heading back in September to see Athlete. I really need to plan on a trip once a month or so.

Currently playing: "Two Dollar Shoes" by Rosie Thomas.

I leave you with a couple good links:

For those who are fans of crummy 80s sitcoms, these ladies just might be the worst.

I was actually asking someone not long about the new Radiohead record. I'm glad they are keeping something like a blog and not a Myspace page.

I'm often looking for a stupid video game to play at 2:45am when I wake up and get sick of laying there, not being able to sleep. I played this one early this morning. You need flash and to not be too attached to cartoon animals. (You should not play this Tammy!!)

I'm 8.5 on

Exit music: "I Wanna Be Adored" by The Stone Roses.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Currently playing: "Ashes" by Embrace.

Starting off the post with britpop news: Go see Doves if they are anywhere near you on this tour back through North America. You will post a comment thanking me and, quite possibly, asking me to marry you (if you're a female, preferably).

My friends know what kind of a Beatles fan I am. I'm that guy who thinks the songs, although not perfect, should be left alone and no one should try and "improve" on them. I even balked initially at the Let It Be Naked album. So every time there is some kind of tribute to the Beatles, I give it little to no attention. (Though I did enjoy one: Shared Vision that included Extreme, Salt-N-Pepa and The Jam.) But a while ago I began to see the makings of a 40th anniversary tribute to Rubber Soul that would include some indie artists. The tribute is called This Bird Has Flown and I really appreciate the concept. Instead of a bunch of bands and artists getting together to record below-average versions of "Yesterday" or "Help!" we are going to have versions of "Wait" and "Think For Yourself"--songs most people have never heard before. I love that! The trouble is that many people won't have the ability to judge whether the covers are "good" or not since they won't feel like covers but originals. Either way, I'm glad an album like Rubber Soul is getting this treatment. There are two songs you can hear on the site. The media favorite Sufjan's take is unique and squarely Sufjan--it just doesn't do much for me. However, listen to Ben Harper's cover of "Michelle". It's wonderful! I've been listening to it for about 20 minutes now. It stays true to the song, but has Harper's fingerprints and personality all over it. We'll see in October if it was a good idea or not. I just know I'm glad to see Low, Rhett Miller and Ted Leo on an album together! (Though I would gladly do without The Donnas!!)

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@m's EP is coming together. Finished up bass for two songs on Saturday. Stay posted for release dates and upcoming shows. (tr0y solo stuff on September 9th at an outdoor party. Not sure how much I'll be doing but ask me if you're interested)

Now is a time in my blog where I will answer questions from the comments page.

Mr. Dornan: I am not familiar with the Robbie Seay Band. I will look into them. OLP I would be VERY interested in seeing. And yes, you and the wife can have an afternoon. Maybe even an evening..... Let's set this up very soon ok?

Andrea: the ever-popular "Why do you use a zero (0) instead of "o" in your name?" The answer is very easy: I have a self-inflated view 0f myself and think it's c00l. There is n0 0ther reas0n than that I'm s0rry t0 say. I'm sure there are psych0l0gical depths we c0uld plumb, but it's simply my trying t0 be different and appear creative. D0es it ann0y any0ne?

Currently playing: "Laid" by James.

I've still not seen the movies I was excited about. Evidently not playing in Michigan. Also had crappy car trouble this weekend, messing up some plans and probably making me look like both an idiot and complete liar. "Muchas" to the Argue-More couples for being saviors again. All four of you are more than I deserve.

Exit music: "Apocalypse Please" by Muse.

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