Friday, March 03, 2006

Entrance music: "Left Behind" by Bedhead.

I got my @$$ kicked in racquetball today by JH. It always feels good to start the weekend with a definitive humiliation.

I've eaten approximately 8 pounds of pad thai this week. I made some and then was given a shload from work on Wednesday. If I was cut right now, pad thai sauce would come out of me instead of blood. All the same, as soon as I'm finished posting, I plan to have another helping.

I've been devouring music lately. A few weeks ago I started listening to the stream of Rhett Miller's new record, The Believer. You can listen to the entire thing on his myspace. It's going to be a good summertime record for me. I might write about it for Shake Your Fist.

No caffeine or alcohol or radio in the car until April 17. Cheer me on....

Last week's episode of This American Life is worth listening to--it's called "Cat and Mouse." David Sedaris is something else....

Pad Time....

Exit music: "The Bird That You Can't See" by Apples In Stereo.

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