Thursday, August 19, 2004

Current song: "Powder Blue" by Elbow.

This is one of those mornings when this band is the perfect soundtrack! I'm feeling a little meloncholic and yet not overly depressed or anything. Just a little tired and feeling overwhelmed--a lot of things on my mind and plate. Reading c@it's last 2 posts this morning sums up how I feel, except I'm no longer a high school student obviously.

Woke up this morning thinking about all the movies I have seen in the past week. I got to see "Napoleon Dynamite" and "I, Robot" in the theater. I actually really liked both. I expected to LOVE "Napoleon" and plan to see it at least once more. Suzie suggested we see "Robot" (since she is such a strong decision maker!!) and I ended up really into it. I was entertained--even though Will Smith ended up bleeding much more than I was comfortable with, along with the couple shower shots of both boy and girl.... I also watched "Better Off Dead" and "Arlington Road" this week. I can't believe how entertained I am by "Better Off Dead." I recognize that it's silly and the typical 80s cliches, but I laugh every time. I've seen it sooo many times and know what is coming, but it doesn't end up ruining anything for me!

Sorry for the weak post--I'm feeling the desire to write, but not the time or concentration. I'll try to do better after this weekend.

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