Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Currently playing: "Settle Down" by Unbelievable Truth.

Snowing. First of the year. Damnit.

Little Mexico for lunch helped though. That place always helps.

I hate the smell of Skoal. Where did that crap come from? Someone smarter than me want to give a brief history of "chew"?

Forgot to wear my watch yesterday--the first day since becoming a Yes-Man. Honestly felt strange for the first couple hours and then I soon forgot about it.

I made chicken salad last night. I'm a culinary genius. Fall to your knees... (thanks mom for the help.)

Yes, I'm a contradiction. Yes, I don't give enough details. Yes, some posts are funny and others seem annoyingly self-indulgent. Yes, I purposely don't mention the names of certain people or explain more about the objects of my 'quasi-obsession.' Yes. But this is my blog--that's the beauty of this set-up: I get to write about whatever I want--or NOT write about whatever I want--and you get to choose whether you want to continue reading.

@m and I will be playing the night of November 23rd. If you're not on the mailing list and are interested in coming, let me know. I'd love to see people come out to celebrate @m's birthday!

All the cool kids are doing it--add a pin to my map

Exit music: "El Torrente" by Minus The Bear.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Had a really busy and mind-filled week. Couple family things happening that I couldn't stop thinking about. A few conversations with friends that seemed to permanently move in my brain. Every night this past week saw me "out" which is highly unlike me. Kava Tuesday night. Billy's Wednesday night. Cambridge Thursday night. Art show and Indiana Friday night. Driving back from IN Saturday night. Grocery store Sunday night. Probably Cambridge again tonight with Amish Aaron...

We had a good time at the ND game. In the visitor end-zone, on the numbers, directly across from Touchdown Jesus. Some fighter planes flew over during the National Anthem, causing me to go deaf for 3 seconds. But maybe the "highlight" was before the game. We were walking around, taking in the tailgating culture. On our way to our own preferred house of worship, the bookstore. The lines to buy ND sweatshirts and boxers and pajama pants and all that was unreal. I was worried I would find a similar line for the potty. Not as long, but some waiting. Ended up being about 15 minutes of waiting actually.

There were two men behind me, complete in their Notre Dame regalia. One was pretty calm, talking drukenly loud on his cell phone. The other was dancing around, consistently complaining about his need to pee. One woman waiting in the other line made fun of him and said she was glad the men had to wait and see what it's like since the women always wait in line. Some younger guy was in front of me and pee-boy and he was making comments about how good it was going to feel and all that. It was kind of funny. As we inched closer to the bathroom door, pee-boy kept getting more vocal and started dancing worse. He was seriously hurting. "I've been drinking since 8:30 this morning!" Three hours later, his bladder was pushed to its limit. As we finally get inside the bathroom, still three people away from the front, pee-boy is dying. His legs are crossed and it looks like he is actually grabbing himself "down there" to stop himself from peeing. Mr. Funny was at the urinal and turned around and says "Ahhhhhhh! I can't tell you how good it feels to finally let go. Just let go..." etc etc etc. Pee-boy is screaming and swearing and I'm growing concerned. I told him to go before me and he gladly switched places, but kept dancing and crossing and grabbing.

Then there was the sound. The sound of a man who lost a long and hard fight. Pee-boy pulled his hands back and uttered an impressive string of f-bombs as he peed. In his pants. On the floor. In front of me.

I always like what Amy posts, but this week at Shake Your Fist is all about Chicago. Not the band--the city. I'm hoping to write something, but I'm worried my life right now won't allow it... Either way, check it out.

I really like potato salad. I'm consistently sad on Sunday nights. I'm hoping to buy a new bed this week. I didn't get sushi last week and now I'm craving German. There are 12 books sitting beside my bed and I can't seem to find the focus for any of them. The cold weather is making me angry. Already. Had a conversation with @m and Joel about a girl and I'm a little bummed after it... I suspect a new song is brewing because of it.

I can't believe I saw a grown man pee his pants.

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