Friday, May 14, 2004

Been listening to a certain song a lot lately--almost non-stop actually. "80 Windows" by Nada Surf. I'm a big fan of 3-piece bands (Nada, Guster, Nirvana, Ben Folds Five, Santana... no wait, that's a 3 HUNDRED piece band. Sorry.) Nada Surf just seems to be able to keep re-inventing themselves in a way that keeps me interested instead of confusing me.

Anyway, this song has an amazing chorus. The past two days have been pretty good ones for me, but this song has kept me grounded--whether that has been good or bad in this case, I'm not sure. Just reminded me about how the toughest part of being here has been relationally.

"I feel far away from you
So what else is new
The moon is closer to the sun
Than I am to anyone"

Sobering. And at times painfully accurate.

It's been raining here for like 3 days non-stop. Rain affects my mood in not-so-positive ways. All I want to do is sleep--even right after I get up. I worked on some more demo's yesterday--that was really fun! Nothing I'm yet ready to let the outside world hear, but getting my head wrapped around ideas and directions.

One more lyric for you. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek song about this girl I met one night at a club. The whole time we were talking, it was obvious we weren't a very good match, but the both of us were looking for someone to be with at that exact time. I thought I would write a song about it and kind of make fun of the way I was feeling and thinking. AND then decided to take it a step farther and be overly desperate and silly. Here are a couple pieces for you. (Open to feedback and suggestions still... It's not recorded yet.)

It's alright with me
If it's alright with you
That we can both be alright right now

Hey I'm begging please don't go away
I'm too lonely to be picky....

I gotta find her
I'm am suddenly weak
I'm not feeling very good
And I can barely eat
I gotta find her
No one else will do
If I don't I might die
But then again there's you....

I'm excited to record it--I don't write enough that isn't the literal pouring of myself all over the place so everyone can sift through the crap with me and try to figure out what my problem is. I just wanted to be fun--which doesn't happen much for me when I'm writing.

Current song: "Let's Bring It Back" by Roman Evening.

I promise I am trying to figure out the new template that Cait sent me--it's on a new blog I made so I can experiment. I'm just not gifted with html, I'm afraid, like I thought I was. But way to go those of you who are and have changed the look of your space (ie, Scott! and Liz, who constantly has a new pic that I stare at for a couple minutes before I read).

I've written a lot lately huh? What's my deal?

I'm heading to a couple vintage resale shops in a little bit. Perfect way to spend my day off I think. Then I'm making my last trip to Chicago for music stuff. Then it's like my time there is officially done. Feels weird. Guess I have to consider GR my home now...

Final song: "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins (from the mTV unplugged show)

Shalom boys and girls.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

You know how Blogpatrol allows you to see certain things about the people who visit your site? Gives you a daily recounting of hits and visitors, etc etc etc... I often like to look at the search results for my blog. I wanted to share with you the Top 20 search terms that resulted in my site. Because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how or why my blog came up with two of these. Help anyone?

Obviously my name is the number one result in search terms. The number of people looking for me daily is astounding. Partly because of the many children I have scattered around the Niagara Falls area. (Props to Liz--my favorite Canadian--and Amish Aaron, who will understand what I'm talking about.)

But here are the other two search terms:

"2004 current email address and guess of diving equipment supplier in china"

WHAT?!?! Have I ever posted something about diving, equipment or China? Did I write things in a drunken stupor that I just don't remember?!?!

But on to my favorite:

"pictures eye gonorreah"

I have no idea..... But if there are pictures, I do not want to see them!

Now I just want to enter crazy random things into a Google search and see if my site will show up. It's so strange--I wanted to experiment with Britney Spears's name and got no great results--other than many of you commenting about my attempt, which was well worth the effort. It never crossed my mind to include Asian countries or STDs in my blog for hits. Silly me!





Just got back from an evening of middle school bliss: lazer tag and arcade games and stirofoam cups of coke. along with boys getting mad when they lose, accusing games of "cheating" and blaming inadequacies on a gun that must be broken and joysticks that stick.

ahh--being a boy!


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Went to see "Kill Bill Vol. 2" last night with a few boys. Great follow-up to Vol. 1. I felt far more uncomfortable in a few scenes this time around. I agree with what most of my friends said--the story is great and was probably a more enjoyable movie with the second volume.

In the lobby, waiting for the movie to start, I saw a guy playing a video game. I wanted so badly to be able to capture to tape what I saw. He was playing one of those boxing games--the virtual reality-like games--with the gloves and footpad. You have to punch towards the screen and duck out of the way--that whole deal. It was amazing watching him. He was sweating and grunting and talking to the screen. I noticed that my eyes were GLUED to him. I couldn't stop watching. Finally he had to call someone over--presumably his girlfriend (?)--to take over for him.

I'm sorry you couldn't see it.



Monday, May 10, 2004

Current song: "Blonde On Blonde" by Nada Surf.

Worked on a couple recordings today. I've decided on the new EP's track listing and title/concept. I have decided to record 5 songs that are all in the same key: A. I am not sure I have ever heard of a collection of recordings that did that--had all the songs share the same key. Anyway, here is an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming EP. (Hopefully finished by the end of the summer!! (??)

A Major Record:
1. Great Guy
2. Bloodless Casualty
3. Be Thou Mine
4. Tremble Quiver Shake
5. To Be Picky

I'll figure out how to post some of the demos as I get them done so I can get your opinions.

Speaking of music, I passed a tour bus this past weekend that both made me laugh and sick at the same time. Now, anyone who knows me well understands that I do not consider myself a "fan" of country music. I haven't been kind to people who listen to country music in the past, but I am beginning to soften up. I still hate it--but I no longer actually hate the artists or people who listen to it. (Well.. not all the artists...)

However, what I saw on Friday started to change my mind back to its original and most natural state: COUNTRY CYNICISM. In the parking lot of a hotel, I saw this enormous tour bus for THE OAK RIDGE BOYS. I had no idea they were still alive, let alone still doing any music--LET ALONE anyone actually PAYING to come see them!! What a shock it was--as you can imagine. On the side of the tour bus there were enormous portraits of those guys--15 times the size of an actual human head probably--all wearing bad sunglasses.

Then I saw the kicker--one of the most humorous and disturbing and insulting things I have ever seen: the name of the tour!

"Red, White, and BluBlockers."

If anyone you know either likes the Oaks (as I like to call them) or is planning to pay money to see them, you have an obligation to do one of two things.

(1). You can inform them that their money is going towards horrific things like BluBlockers and Rushmore-sized paintjobs of those jokers' faces on buses. Tell them their money is being wasted and tossed around without any discretion and caution those innocent (?) fans.

(2). Disown those person(s) as your friend/family etc.

I expect the second option might be the only good one.

Here in Grand Rapids, we have the world-renowned Van Andel arena. Two weeks ago, we had Metallica here for a show. And in July, Incubus and The Hives (and I think Jet) are going to be here. Those are pretty good for shows.

However, we are also having the following around Grand Rapids:

May 11: Lord Of The Dance
May 12: The Eagles
May 13: Alabama
May 21: Gwar
May 22: American Idols Live (presented by Pop-Tarts)
June 19: Simon & Garfunkel
October 24: Phil Collins

And people wondered why I moved to GR!!

Unfortunately, I will have to drive to Auburn Hills in July to see Hilary Duff. That's OK though--she is in Chicago the next night, so I will get to see her twice!

I love my life.


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