Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Currently playing: "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" by Azure Ray.

Riding on these waves
Holding on to what you say
Everything will be okay
It will work out one way

It was a tough drive to Indy to see the family for T-Giving. It took two extra hours and felt dangerous in a couple different places. My windshield washer fluid was partially frozen and too slushy to help me clean the windshield as I drove. I tried to get close enough to semis to catch some of the water they were throwing so I could see better.

That's what it's like being with my family. I get close to them and they help me see better. There is something uniquely cleansing and helpful about being with them. And the nieces finally like their Uncle Troy!

Currently playing: "Never Enough" by Del Amitri.

And life ain’t worth living without a little love
But a little love is never enough

Read two books while with the fam.

How I Became Stupid by Martin Page. I'm sure it's better in the original French, but I still loved this! Maybe a little presumptuous at times, but great insights into escapism and being content.

Douglas Coupland's Eleanor Rigby: A Novel was a little disappointing. I love everything he's done (well... didn't love Microserfs) and felt a little underwhelmed by this book. The idea is sketchy and some of the interactions are touching. It just felt a little unfinished to me. I love his writing voice though--this might be a good introduction to his work, moving on to Life After God, Hey Nostradamus and Generation X after that.

My friend Jake wrote a song a while ago that has been stuck in my head. It's very level-headedly optimistic--the way I want to be.

It can only get brighter from here...

Exit music: "Brighter" by Jason Stilson.

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