Sunday, May 14, 2006

Entrance music: "What Went Wrong (In Your Head)" by Supergrass.

It's confirmed.

What I want primarily in all my connections with people–family, friends, co-workers, dates, boys and girls, etc–is simply honesty. (Yes @m--que the Billy Joel song now please.) I feel like I can handle everything else, but dishonesty I can't/don't/choose not to handle. If someone decides they don't want to see me anymore; tells me they think my singing sucks; finds my glabrous bald head repulsive; would rather sever all contact with me... Those things would hurt my feelings; not hearing those things but some kind of excuse or surface-level reason or blatant lies instead simply pisses me off.

This is nothing profound, but I'm feeling the frustration a lot the past couple weeks. Does crummy weather bring out a little deceiver in each of us or something?

In my more pessimistic and melancholic days, I would have been blasting "Terrible Lie" as loudly as I could physically stand it. Instead, it's mellow Brit-rock with it's murky midtempo songs that lull me into a hypnotic state where I don't think about what's really got me frustrated.

Is avoidance any better than entertaining those kinds of feelings.....

Exit music: "Quicksand" by Travis

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