Friday, January 07, 2005

Well I've done it finally. I've compiled my "40 Favorite Albums of 04." Rather than take up blog space, I will direct you to our music snob blog and invite you to read it there. (And also to argue with me and my "tastes.")

I found something to further support my opinion about fast food and it's dangerous potential. Enjoy this article:

Police Say Man Rages Over French Fries

DuBOIS, Pa. (AP) A Burger King customer berated the employees and nearly hit one of them with his truck after the clerk at the drive-thru window told him they were out of french fries, police said.

Gregg Luttman, 22, made an obscene gesture at the drive-thru clerk on New Year's Day, then walked into the restaurant and cursed at the staff, Sandy Township police Sgt. Rod Fairman said. When he returned to his pickup truck, he saw restaurant workers taking down his license number and put the vehicle in reverse, nearly hitting one of them, Fairman said.

After being stopped on a highway a short distance away, Luttman scuffled with police and kicked out the back window of a police car, Fairman said.

Luttman was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and other offenses. He was freed Monday on $2,500 bail.

It's been nice the past week to chat with and get to know Kristi a little better. She has good taste in music and isn't afraid to allow herself to enter fully into an experience--even if it involves dealing with pain and garbage. That inspires me.

OK--time to look at the first week of '05 and see how I've done with my "resolutions."

1. Get more free stuff.... Well, besides a couple of free drinks at GP, I've not taken advantage (literally) of this. However, I did take two samples of the spinach pizza that was being offered at the coffee shop today. That might count...
2. Blaming other people.... This one has been tough because I haven't done anything yet this year that deserves blame. So anytime I have tried this, the person I've blamed has deserved it. I'll have to try a little harder here.
3. Speed more.... OK, this might be my toughest endeavor. I am still hesitant, especially in school crossing areas, to blaze down the streets. But I have been consistently over 70 on my way to work so I'm starting.
4. Ignore traffic postings.... I refuse to yield! I'm also planning to turn right at red lights where it's posted not to. That's just the kind of bad-ass I am.
5. Restaurant complaints... I've not had the chance for this yet. The money situation is making "eating out" tougher. I get an "F" here.
6. Prank calls on others' cells.... My friend Josh just said I could use his phone. I'm on my way...
7. Toilet paper purchases.... I've gone above and beyond here. I think I've decided to NEVER buy TP again. Instead: kleenex.
8. Winking and expressions.... I'm good at this surprisingly. It makes others uncomfortable and that brings me greater joy than I expected. I've also found that many people are unable to wink. How do other people LIVE without that?!?!

It's obvious now--I have a lot of growing to do. I'm sorry for not serving as a better example in this way. If there are any suggestions how to improve, I would love to hear them.

I'm playing again this coming Friday with two guys. Slowly getting out there again. I've also started up again with the new record--finished two acoustic tracks last night. More news to come....

Still no water at the house.
Playing poker tonight with a handful of guys.
There is a stone gargoyle in this coffee shop, sitting next to the toaster. What a bizarre "ornament" for this joint.
I'm planning to hang a chair hammock in my new office.
I hate seeing these "Uggs" on every third female. Sorry, but they do nothing for me....
I want a new pair of shoes.


Monday, January 03, 2005

Back in GR, settling into the normal routine again. Weird that it's '05 isn't it? Seems that every year feels less different than the year before. I remember being in high school, thinking that I could tell a difference once it was Jan 1--sort of like when you had birthdays and thought you could "feel" older. The only difference I "feel" these days is having to write over the 4 with a 5 when I write down the date on my checks.

New Years was fun--I hung out with Amish Aaron and his wife Janet. We actually missed the official "drop" according to Regis. Not a big deal--we still toasted our sparkling cider of some sort and resumed the real highlight of New Years: Napoleon Dynamite. Felt good to include a couple of people into that experience. It was flippin' sweet.

I know I've not written much--it's amazing how much there has been to catch up on. I've had so many ideas for posts, but just haven't had the chance to plany myself somewhere to access this new-fangled World Wide Web. I plan on taking a look at my "resolutions" and see how I've done so far and give a full report tomorrow.

Ah, the constant joys of living at 55 Prospect... Hanging on the backdoor is this little brown bat. I'm not sure if it's alive or frozen--I just know that when you slam the door hard enough, the thing moves around and looks like it might fall. Do bats hibernate? That's a possibility I suppose... I also woke up this morning to find there was no hot water. The hot water heater broke and the basement is filled with water. I made my way to the YMCA to work-out and shower instead.

To the person asking for an "I'm alive" update, I hope this suffices.

Today is my 9 month anniversary in GR. It was nice to bury my car out from under the snow this morning--it was a good "congrats" greeting.

Exit music: "I Had My Chance" by Morphine.

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