Monday, May 22, 2006

Entrance music: "City Girl" by The Owls.

I'm ready for the sun and warmer weather. I had to pull out a hat again tonight to cover up the baldness.

A seven-year old boy swam from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore. Pretty inspiring and convicting story.

This is story is simply great.

Calif. Police Find Man Stuck in Chimney

BRAWLEY, Calif. (AP) - A man faces a burglary charge after police found him stuck a chimney. Matthew Allen, 27, told police he fell down the chimney after going on to the roof of the house to look at the stars.
When he got stuck near the bottom of the chimney, he took his pants off and began waving them around to set off the home's motion detectors. Brawley police officers were dispatched to the house twice Saturday morning but saw no signs of an intruder.
Neighbors eventually heard a commotion coming from the house and called the police.
``I've read and heard of things like that before,'' Brawley Fire Capt. Manuel Sevilla said, ``but I've never seen it. The situation, it was more funny than anything.'' Fire workers lowered a chain ladder to Allen, who was able to climb out from the chimney.
When transported to Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley for treatment Allen tried to flee but was detained by hospital staff.
Allen, who had a warrant for his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, faces a count of residential burglary.

I've been listening to these songs a lot the past couple days.

"Hiding In Corners" by SAW
"Annetichrist" by Superdrag
"Strange Design" by Midnight Movies
"You Know More Than I Know" by John Cale

I'm debating an internet fast for the month of June.

Exit music: "Nimrod's Son" by Pixies.

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