Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Currently playing: "Who'd Stop The Rain" by Dressy Bessy.

I'm in another of my insomnia stages. Been pretty typical--laying in bed for a couple hours, trying to fall asleep. When I finally nod off, I sleep very restlessly and eventually wake up a lot earlier than I hoped I would. This morning, it was 5:15. Yesterday, 4:30.

I've had little concentration thanks to the sleeping situation. I did put together a "Keep Me Awake" playlist to listen to during the day. I've listened to it twice all the way through and it's kept me up. Since it has done it's job, and since I have 11 hours before I will sleep, I share with you the playlist.

Songs To Help Keep Me Awake
"Set You Free" - The Black Keys
"Goldmine" - Caviar
"Munich" - Editors
"Danger! High Voltage" - Electric Six
"Misfit" - Elefant
"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" - The Hives
"Evil" - Interpol
"Everyday I Love You Less and Less" - Kaiser Chiefs
"Taper Jean Girl" - Kings of Leon
"TKO" - Le Tigre
"Alive and Amplified" - The Mooney Suzuki
"Hysteria" - Muse
"Mr. November" - The National
"Still In Love Song" - The Stills
"You're The One" - Sugarcult

A couple reasons these songs helped keep me awake:
(1) consistent 4-on-the-floor kick drums
(2) interesting/annoying singers (Le Tigre--guess which category it fits in...)
(3) relentless pounding away for four minutes ("Hysteria," "Danger! High Voltage," and "You're The One" especially)

Sorry for not providing mp3s or links.

I've also been reading Karen Armstrong's book A Short History of Myth. Definitely entertaining and enlightening.

Notre Dame football game this weekend. Going with Amish Aaron--I'll try and get a picture of us with Touchdown Jesus in the background.

Exit music: "The Hook" by Stephen Malkmus.


Monday, November 07, 2005


Why is the last half-hour of sleep always the deepest, filled with the best dreams and the most satisfying?


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Currently playing: "Treading Water" by Nada Surf.

Great time with people today. I'm not a "people-person" naturally–it genuinely takes a lot of work for me, most often leaving me tired, feeling a little drained. Someone asked me today: "Well, don't you like going to parties and bouncing around, talking to everyone and all that? You seem like you're good at that stuff."

No. I don't. I'm not.

But I'm tired of using that as an excuse for being a "loner." I had a couple good conversations this weekend, with important people in my life, having to admit that I'm not trying hard enough to be connected. To be friends. Yes, I'm more "fulfilled" by reading and drinking tea or sitting on my front porch with my iPod. Those things can't make up for time with Amish Aaron, Steve or @m. Or countless others who have proven to be truly life-giving.

I'm sorry to who I should be sorry to.

Currently playing: "The Mother Of All My Pain" by Oranger.

In the ever-growing list of pet-peeves, I sat somewhere today listening to people crunch the hell out of chips and salsa. It about drove me crazy. Few things bother me more than the sound of people eating. Something about chips and salsa gives gratuitous permission to cast all manners out the window. I'm confident I heard teeth coming together today--biting exceptionally hard, harder than necessary.

This week needs to see the appearance of a number of things:
1. sushi
2. new windshield wipers
3. new cell phone and carrier
4. sushi again

Currently playing: "Mayfly" by Belle And Sebastian.

I don't know why I couldn't think of something else to say. I was shocked I guess. And suddenly wordless. I wanted to smile more or make some kind of small talk. I'm sure there's a backbone somewhere inside me--sorry that it didn't make an appearance today. I hope there is another chance soon...

I can't believe how incredibly bad Cingular's service is... It's changing soon boys and girls.

Exit music: "Delicate" by Damien Rice.

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