Saturday, February 05, 2005

I hate money.

I have $3.98 in my checking account. My cell phone got shut off today evidently. I just tired to call Amish Aaron and got the "Your service has been interrupted" announcement. I gotta get a roommate to cut down on some of the bills.

Glad Blogger and wi-fi here at the coffee shop is free.....

I'm discouraged and frustrated and worried. Nice mood to be in for a "comeback" post huh?


Monday, January 31, 2005


Thanks to @M for pointing out a potentially misleading paragraph in my previous post.

I have NOT actually finished this newest song, entitled "Silly Thoughts." It's in process and being reviewed currently by both @M and c@it. (who just referred in an IM to my "neo-gen baldness.") Sorry for posting lies.


Currently playing: "Narc" by Interpol.

Looks like the computer is fine now. I realize now, looking back, I didn't have very much time last week anyway. I'm not sure I would have posted more regardless. I desperately need an "easier" week. My sleeping continues to be bad. I had the worst sleep this past week--including a night of NO sleep!! I went about 38 hours without sleeping. I can't figure out what my problem is. I've been given a ton of "remedies" for my insomnia and I'm getting closer to incoporating just anything right now!! In my sleepless state I have managed to avoid bizarre dreams and I finished a collection of plays by George Bernard Shaw. Some of my favorite quotes coming soon.

Turns out more people read this blog than I thought. I'm not sure whether that means I should be encouraged to keep writing or to be more cautious about what I include here. Either way, thanks for reading....

I love infomercials. My insomnia has allowed me to see some horrible ones too! Unfortunately, I don't have cable, so I don't get a wide variety. There is just something about those stupid things that I cannot pull myself away from.... I've only bought one thing from an infomercial: the GT Xpress. It's this hot-plate like cooker with these deeper "bowls" for things. I make breakfast in it mostly--omelet-like stuff. I'm sure a lot of people can go without it, but it was a novel item and has actually made a few things easier. (And I got a set of knives with it!!! Always a great selling point.)

So I've learned recently of two people I know who died. A guy I went to high school with and one of my cousins. The guy from high school didn't really impact me--I saw him at the 10 year reunion, but we weren't ever close or anything. My cousin though--that sort of hit me hard. At least, harder than I expected. It's more the way it happened and how it was "dealt with" that has me thinking. Forgive me for being vague.... The point: I want to be honest with my friends and family. If something is wrong, I want to make sure they know.

Subject change.

I enjoyed the View & Brew at the Intersection last Monday night. A 21+older night of half-off drinks and two movies. Last week's inaugural offering: Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" and "A Clockwork Orange". Couldn't make it through "Clockwork" thanks to the annoying groups of people who insisted on saying every line before, during and after they were spoken in the movie. Few things are bigger annoyances for me than major talking during a movie. Talk or watch--that's my motto. Tonight they are showing the two Kill Bill volumes. I'd love to watch them back-to-back, but I just don't have it in me to be social tonight.

Currently playing: "An English House" by Kings Of Convenience.

Liz encouraged me to post a pic on Hot or Not? I did about a week ago to see who could get a higher rating. I'm happy to report, after 49 votes, that I am hotter than 83% of the men on this reputable website.

Why do girls act like they are interested in you when they are well aware that they can't be? (How's that for a loaded question sure to ellicit a variety for opinions?!?!) Is the more accurate response something like "Why are guys stupid and assume that girls are interested when they are just being friendly?" Both might be viable discussions.

I wish I could grow dreads.

I finished a new song last week called "Silly Thoughts" and I am really happy about it. My friend @M is going to help me finish the lyrics and I'm looking into how to post an mp3 on here for cheap. Suggestions would help.


Exit music: "All She Said" by Toad The Wet Sprocket.

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