Tuesday, April 20, 2004

OK--just for "research" purposes:

As of 1:03 am, April 21st:

Total Visitors: 581
Total Hits: 1141
Today's Visitors: 2

(Yep--2 since I posted the last entry....)

Oh and one more thing: tomorrow is my birthday. April 22. Don't need to say anything about it--a couple people though emailed me and asked if I planned to blog about my bday. I said "probably not." Now I can at least say I mentioned it and be finished.

Britney Spears pictures below. hehe

Shalom. (For good tonight)


I finally have taken care of the internet situation in my new living quarters: wireless. REAL fast too! So don't worry Cait--I'm here... even though you are taking time off.

Cait (see her link on the right) made a good point about bloggers and the seeming lack of effort or desire to post anymore. I feel it in me too... Not sure what it is. I'd love to blame it on summer, but there isn't anything CLOSE to summer happening here yet. And the number of hits on my site are pretty low lately too... Doesn't help that I have been an inconsistent blogger. All the same, I have decided I want to start an experiment.

Britney Spears pictures below.

That simple phrase above, sprinkled a couple times throughout each of my posts, I am willing to bet, will bring quite a few more hits to my site every day. Granted, they won't stay to read anything. The important quest they are on won't allow for reading WORDS--just looking at pictures. BUT--I am going to track how many hits I get from Google and Yahoo searches now that I have that phrase in my post. What was that phrase again you ask? Well let me offer it up one more time:

Britney Spears pictures found here.

I figure a few variations might help matters some.

Every week, I check out the Lycos 50. It's a list of the top 50 phrases or subjects entered into a Lycos search for that week. Without fail, the lip-syncing blonde shows up in every Top 5. So I'm going to be a traffic whore and see how many people visit my site, in search of the unHoly grail: Britney Spears pictures below.

I'm going to take a guess at a Top 5. I'm sure there are many things that could be added to this list, but I'm going to propose an initial group. Please feel free to add your own list or suggestions to break into the Top 5:

Top 5 Least Searched For Subjects At Lycos:
1. gotta get gonorreah
2. naked pics oprah
3. hughley's fan club (anyone remember that awful show?!?!?)
4. compound fracture videos
5. brussel sprouts

OK--it's late. I need to try and sleep. Had a bout of insomnia I haven't had in a long time! Not sure what the deal is. Oh yeah, but before I go:

Britney Spears pictures below (including brussel sprouts).



Current song: "Sexy Boy" by Air.

Been too long since I posted. Wild past week. I drove from Grand Rapids to Indianapolis on Wednesday night. On the way, got to stop for a quick dinner with one of my favorite people: LISA!! Spent the day in Indy seeing my family and the new twins (see previous post for pics... new pic of the girls and I coming soon). Friday morning I drove back to Chicago for a show on Friday night. Show wasn't great. We had a rotten sound guy who was beyond incompetent. I was pissed too because some friends came to see us and they deserved better. I slept in some Saturday morning and spent some time with Jim on his deck, enjoying the sunshine. For those who remember my post a while ago about my half-burnt fully-bald head.... you might find it entertaining to know that I have continued the trend and have a sunburn (very light one) on half of my chest and stomach. Cursed shadows on the deck!!

Saturday morning, following the half-charring, I drove back to GR to get back for "Boys' Night." Four of us spent the evening celebrating the 3 b's of Boy-dom: (1) Barbeque (2) Beer (3) Bocce Ball. I might very well be THE most gifted Bocce balla that you know! (And I do mean Balla--I live a thug life, I can't help it!)

I have a few things to report from my travels. I passed a couple billboards that caught my attention AND caused me to laugh out loud in my car. I'd love to hear of your favorites too--I might have found a new passion in my life!!

>> A billboard for a children's amusement park: "Come play at the Fun Pot!" (Would you EVER bring you children--or any children you care the slightest about--to a place called the FUN POT?!?!)
>> A billboard for a liquor store: "Home of Hops 'n Schnapps: Gay's Liquor" (Ummm... I don't know if those two words ever need to go together....But I have a sick mind, so...)
>> Everyone loves discount cigarettes right?! Even as a non-smoker, I enjoy places that sell these because they have outstanding names. I used to think that "Cigarettes Cheaper" was the best name. Outside of Angola, Indiana there is a place that wins the name game: The Butt Hutt!

No comment needed after that last one...

I saw a guy at a gas station in some little Michigan town, riding a dirt bike, drinking Yoo-Hoo and eating Funyuns. Perfect combo, huh?!

More later peeps!

Closing number: "Numb" by Portishead.

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