Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Didn't end up having a V-Day date with myself after all.... I left work and stopped at home, knowing I had a long time to wait for the start of the movie. Essentially, I got lazy and didn't want to leave after all. So I made some mashed potatoes (real) and gravy (canned) and sat down to watch "The Bachelorette" (also canned I think). Wow that show is awful. I've never seen a second of that particular franchise of reality shows and I have zero intention of catching another one. After that, I read for a while and ended up falling asleep kind of early. All in all, a really good Valentine's Day.

My coffee shop had to raise it's prices--my drink has inflated by 15 cents. I just realized there isn't a "cent" symbol on my keyboard. Anyway, I'm glad to pay the extra money if it helps another local business stay open--it just gives me less change for laundry.

I had Thai today--Chicken Curry Pad Thai to be exact. I've needed to satisfy this food craving inside me for a while now. I am trying hard to eat better and avoid eating out the past couple weeks. I'm actually beginning to enjoy making my own food. I'm using a few recipes and trying to "expand" the culinary options in "the bald kitchen." That would be a good name of a cooking show--if I could cook and had some access to a television contract. I'm that close!!

Lent has been going well for me. I've had good conversations about it with a few people too, especially about Sundays. Turns out a lot of people aren't aware that Sundays don't "count" in the fasting approach during Lent. Someone actually "accused" me of making it up and "cheating the Church." I wish I was creative enough to make up something like that....

I cannot stop listening to a couple of records these days:

American Idiot has played at least once for the past 5 days. The songs are great! I've also been back into The Faint's new record, Wet From Birth. I know a few people disagree with me about this one. I'm a lover, not a fighter, so I'm just gonna let it go. And I've resurrected the latest Hot Hot Heat offering, Make Up The Breakdown, anticipating their new record in April and my getting to see them here in GR in March. I might have missed Yanni last night, but I won't be missing HHH. (ps: their website, although not offering a lot, is pretty entertaining.)

I typically go to the YMCA before work. Today, I went to work early, intending to hit the Y in the afternoon--just to see if it works better for my tired body/work energy. Usually when I'm there, it's a lot of the geriatric crowd--those who like getting up long before the sun wants to. Not so in the afternoon. The Y was filled with all these young, in-shape people--a large portion of them of the female construction. I'm not sure if that's a good time of the day for me to work out. The one positive was the empty hot tub.. Everything builds to those couple of minutes in that thing. Today I had it all to myself.

When I got back to the office, following the surprising Y visit, I heard this song first when I hit the iTunes:

"So Many Girls" by A Graham & The Moment Band.

"Oh there's so many girls/In this wonderful world/And I wish, dear God/To be with them all."

Made me laugh.


Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm taking myself out tonight. I plan to get sushi and go see "Sideways."
I won a Grammy's prediction game last night--iTunes money.
I hate movies with scary little kids--creeps me out.
The Grudge has scary little kids in it, but the movie is horrible!
I'm finally getting over this bronchial infection. I slept really well last night and could breathe when I woke up this morning.
Saw some Chicago friends yesterday--it was great to see them after so long.
Audra and Kyle--I hope you come back again soon.

I like writing single sentences and then changing subjects.

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