Monday, March 20, 2006

Entrance music: "Lake Tahoe" by Sherwood.

I'm alive.

Worked on a live recording virtually non-stop for the past two weeks. Last night I drove to Traverse City, Michigan for a mini-vacation/escape from humanity.

I'm writing from a $45/night room at a Best Western Four Seasons, watching a 21" television on a recliner I am convinced once lived in my grandmother's house in Kentucky. Even though I'm getting what I paid for, I am really enjoying my time here. I spent some time in the hot tub last night with a pair of middle-aged couples driving their RVs around the midwest. I'd say "sitting with" but it felt like "sitting under."

This morning I drove up to the end of the peninsula (see photo above) to watch the sunrise. It was cold!!!!! but worth it. I stood on the beach mixed with sand and ice, about 100 feet or so from the 45th Parallel. The drive was lined with wineries and evergreens, along with peeks at the bay. Later I drove around town trying to find a coffee shop to plant myself and do some reading. This is a strange place. I struggled to find a place to sit and read, but I found 3 places, on one main road, where I could have Lasik surgery. It also looks like the place to go if you're a urologist--I saw two of those places. When I finally found a coffee shop, Espresso Bay, I was surprised to see a sign on the door that read "Outside Food Welcomed." These words were posted on a few windows and I saw a couple people bring in their own snacks. I ate at the Mackinaw Brewery and had a microbrew and piece of cod, along with some mediocre asparagus, which is a favorite of mine.

My plans the rest of the night are to finish a book, probably On Love by Alain de Botton, and try to occupy the hot tub by myself. I drive back to GR and work in the morning.

I know a lot of people who are travelling right now. Amish Aaron took all his girls to California. Tracy and her family are in Africa. c@it is in Australia. I plan to head to South Carolina for a week in April and fly around Europe a little in June.

OK, have you seen this KFC commercial where the mom walks in and sees her daughter sitting at the island in the kitchen, laptop open and eating? And the mom actually uses the phrases "casual dining meal"? No one uses that phrase do they? I'm not sure I've ever even heard it! And it's used a couple times in the commercial. I'm amazed how bad writing is rewarded in the name of advertising.

Speaking of television, I'm sitting here watching Deal Or No Deal. I caught myself crying a couple minutes ago--and it's not just because of Howie's glimmering bald head. There is this Texan on here wearing a tremendously unflattering Texas flag shirt who gets all teared up when Howie mentions his family.

I'm a softie....

Exit music: "Semaphore" by Kinski.

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