Friday, June 17, 2005

WARNING: long post ahead. Lot of catching up to do...

No great excuses: busy and trying to save money so I haven't been to the coffeeshop to use their internet. I'll be moving in a few weeks and will finally have access at home so I hopefully won't use the coffeeshop excuse any more.

I have great friends. I just want to say that publically and to remind myself. This has been a week where I've connected with a lot of them and I was reminded this morning about how lucky/blessed/whatever I am.

My brother graduates today from the fire academy. Full-fledged firefighter/EMT. (I think that's right--hopefully my family will correct me if I'm wrong....) I also have a fantastic family. Let it be said--I am a truly sentimental today. Hopefully it's more cute than disgusting. (I wouldn't want it to be Preciousocity or anything. (see c@it's dictionary for a definition.)

I watch very little television. In fact, I realized this morning, other than catching a quarter of the Pistons' game, I hadn't turned on my TV for close to a week. Today reminded me why I care so little for watching television. There are a lot of things on that shouldn't be--things that make me uncomfortable. It's not the growing portrayal of violence. I'm not that bothered by the apparent "dumbing-down" of programming by reality shows. The "scandalous" sex scenes and "skin" doesn't particular bother--or entertain--me either. No, what I'm bothered by are commercials. I saw two today, separated by only about fifteen minutes, that almost convinced me to toss the thing out the window.

The first was the woman titlting her head back laughing on the tire swing. Some voice-over about life being uninterrupted and uncomplicated. Just another ad making you wonder what car is going to be celebrated or laundry detergent sure to revolutionize life. If only it could have been so harmless. Instead, the 30-second spot turns quickly, lamenting the discomfort of genital herpes. Talks of "attacks" and "treatments" were in there somewhere--I don't remember because my head was trying to spin as quickly as my stomach. Whatever happened to commercials that were easy to ignore?! Products that didn't really improve or impact life?

I didn't have much time to complain. I was confronted with another bodily issue during the next break--some type of stool softener. The "slogan" you're wondering? Oh I'd be pleased to tell you. "We don't make you go. We make going comfortable." Reading it now, I think it's really funny. Not sure if it was simply shock or if I am too sensitive or what, but I didn't laugh when I saw it today. I was really bothered. I was very tempted to turn it off, but I was very comfortable and trying to coax a little nap. And it's a good thing I didn't.

For some reason I was watching whatever channel has the "The Larry Elder Show." I am not familiar with this man and can't really make any judgements about him or his programming. What I can say is that I got to witness a man being rattled, on "live" television, and was so pleased. He was grilling some 18 year old girl about being pregnant and not helping her mom around the house more or something. The girl kept saying she was physically tired--admittedly making excuses, but a valid one nonetheless. This Elder guy kept saying "You can't be that tired" etc etc etc. Finally, she gets mad enough and starts saying something like "How many kids have you given birth to? How many pregnancies have you worked through?!" You can see this guy clinch his teeth and his face gets a little flushed and he says, "I'm not the one being interviewed here. I'm asking the questions." She doesn't relent (to my great glee) and keeps pushing, saying, "Well how many kids do you have then? Tell me how you have handled all your kids Mr. Elder." He keeps pushing the "You're the one being interviewed" line of logic and finally gives in and says, "I don't have any kids. But that's not the point..." You should have seen this guy crumble and give into this girl. It was awesome! It almost--ALMOST--made those commercials worth it.

For those interested, there has been a change for the upcoming @m and tr0y show. It's next Saturday and not Friday as we originally thought/were told. Get in touch with me if you want details and all that. (We're also "unveiling" a name for this little endeavor of ours Saturday I believe.)

Check out this news story: Cheerleaders Disciplined for Feces Pizza. Yes, you read that correctly!

I'm officially reaching the limit of my iPod. I can't believe it--I've used 36.32 GB of space. That's 8,332 songs. I can almost listen to my iPod for a month and not have to repeat a song! So I'm having a little dilemna--in order to keep adding songs, I have to get rid of some....

I've been hooked on Aleksi Virta. I'm always looking for some electronica that I can play while I'm reading or just need some background stuff. This is that kind of record. The idea behind it is unique and it's more diverse electronica than the normal. And like usual--it's free!!

I recently finsihed Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. It was really entertaining and typically him: (I would normally write the last name of the author here, but his is so cumbersome....) full of literary hooks that make you want to read more and some disturbing episodes that make you wonder whether to finish the paragraph. The idea of the novel is fantastic--utterly unique and could make an engaging movie, if it didn't revolve around sixteen main characters! I struggled some times to keep everyone straight. Not a novel I would consider a "summer read," unless you are camping for a couple weeks and want to read this around the campfire or by flashlight instead of swapping ghost stories.

Final thoughts: I'm feeling really torn about the homeless here in town. Since it's warmer out now, there are a lot more out it seems. This coffeeshop tends to be sort of a "gathering" place--free water and cheap coffee. There's also the constant asking for change and money. I don't know what to do with that. I have all these conflicting thoughts and emotions. At times I feel really sympathetic and other times just simply pissed off. I'm not really sure what helps and what perpetuates and what insults. There's more people wandering up to my street lately too--so when I come home they are asking if I can help them out. Just making me think a lot lately I guess.

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