Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Turns out Spirit isn't a horse, but a Stallion.

Thanks to Lori for the clarification. (She's a lot smarter than I am)


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Had great Thai food today. It's actually turned into a weekly thing. aN and I end up grabbing a lunch at least once a week now. We've become regulars enough that this sweet older lady comes over and just takes our order. "No menus today," she says. I've been getting the same thing every time--Chicken Curry Pad Thai. Mild spiciness.

That's a strange word isn't it? Spiciness. Doesn't look right, but good ole reliable spell check says it's fine.

I love watching one show on television in particular. I've been around most Tuesday nights the past couple months and I've been able to catch "Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit" and I'm hooked! It's full of pretty disturbing stories and crimes, but it's really compelling! My main complaint is how unrealistic the dialogue is. When there are scenes inside the precinct, it seems like everyone character speaks a line one at a time and then doesn't speak again until everyone else has had their chance. It's been a little distracting watching tonight's episode.

Have you heard about Jay Leno's restraining order? He's not allowed to talk about Michael Jackson anymore--including telling jokes in his monologues. So he's started having other people come and tell his Michael Jackson jokes. I don't like Leno at all, but that's a pretty creative idea.

Last week at soccer I turned my knee in a pretty serious way. Last night's skating outing didn't help at all. Today the knee is pretty swollen. I'm feeling a little old since then. I hate the idea that what I once was good at is a little out of reach for me now. I'm afraid this soccer season for me is going to be only 1/2 a game long.

Have I mentioned how badly I hate washing dishes? I equally hate doing laundry. But vacuuming--now that's a household chore I really enjoy.

There was a crazy 90+ car pile-up around here this morning. A car accident is one of my bigger fears. I think that partly explains why I drive so slowly.

Josh Rouse has a new record called Nashville. For those who like organic, singer-songwriter, americana/pop, this record is one for you. I loved Rouse's last record 1972 and I wondered what this one would be like. I'm mostly pleased with it. There's a little too much steel guitar for me, even though it's played by a "legend," Al Perkins. The songs are great though and Rouse's voice is so endearing and revealing. There's not a lot that is going to impress anyone musically--no strange 80's synths or retro-grooves. The understated instruments--clean electric guitars, brushed drum sets, muted piano--all combine to softly support Rouse's yearning lyrics and soothing vocals. It's a great record to play as it's turning spring and you can finally drive with the windows and sunroof cracked. Standout track: "Saturday."


Monday, March 07, 2005

Did something tonight I haven't done in years--since probably the fourth grade. I went roller skating. And it was awesome!! I was terrible, but sure did laugh a lot. I had a tough time figuring out how to turn, but it got a little easier towards the second hour. I had the strange feeling when I took the skates off, like I still had them on. I remember looking at the clock tonight and noticing that we only had a half-hour left. It made me think about how I used to skate and never want to go back home--I just wanted to stay out, listening to music and skating around the outside of the groups of people. It's weird--I used to like going to skate, but I didn't really hang out with anyone. I just loved the loud music and being near people, even if I wasn't with them. Strange how so little changes...

I lost both skating races. Dead last, two times.

I went to see Amish Aaron this weekend for Amelia's birthday party. We celebrated her 5th birthday by having a Spirit party--the horse of the Cimmaron. She's crazy about horses and being a cowgirl. Being with that family brings me so much life. The girls wake me up early every morning that I am there and I think it's adorable. Aaron and I are planning a mini-vacation for our birthdays. His is exactly one month before mine and we are going to head to South Carolina. We're gonna stay with my dad and play as much golf as we can get in. I need sunshine!

My friend Tammy mentioned to me that she has never been mentioned in a post. So I have two stories about Tammy, both that made me laugh so hard. First, I was at the bar that Tammy manages and Justin Timberlake came on. We both like the song (really it's true--I kind of like it!) and then I started to make fun of one line: "Gonna have you naked by the end of this song." Tammy shook her head and said "You have to admire someone with goals."

Second story. For whatever reason, Tammy had one of those over-sized calculators. She showed it to me and had typed in some numbers to spell out "Boobless." I have no idea why it hit me so hard, but it was awesome. I hadn't done that since early high school probably. What other words can you spell on the calculator?

I've been listening again to a record that I just love! Playgroup is an electronic, dance music group that really entertains me. Their self-titled record has a couple of great tracks, especially a cover of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." It's good reading music for me--it's easy to ignore, but upbeat enough to keep the synapses firing.

Speaking of music, whatever happened to Pink? She was everywhere for a while!

I saw a preview of an upcoming show on ABC, called "Grey's Anatomy" that used "Such Great Heights" as it's theme song. I might actually watch the show because it used it. Anything associating itself with The Postal Service can't be all that bad, right?

So there was this guy at the gym the other morning. He's enormous--really tall, gigantic arms and a pretty good stomach sticking out in front of him. I was lifting on the bench beside him and he walks over as I'm finishing up my set and goes, "Hey, nice job! Can I get you to spot me?" I agreed, walked over to his bench and then realized how absurd his question was after all. He was going to bench press 335 pounds. I couldn't believe all the weight on the bar. I smiled and thought to myself, "If he has a problem, I won't be able to do ANYTHING!!" It turns out he didn't need my help really--he was able to bench it 3 times and that was sufficient for him I guess. It was after he stood up that I saw it--on his leather weight belt, he had his cell phone. It was clipped to his belt while he was in the gym. Can he be that important?!

I love to hear people laugh. And I love LOVE LOVE ice cream. I'm not a fan of the color yellow. Hate washing dishes and just can't get into NASCAR.

I suck at ping-pong. It's actually quite amazing how bad I am at it.

I just finished watching "Super Nanny" while I was typing this. I hope that information doesn't make anyone decide to never read this blog again.

If anyone I know sees either "Miss Congeniality 2" or "Robots" I will never speak to them again.

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