Thursday, September 16, 2004

The dream world is a VERY strange one. I've had some of the most vivid dreams I can remember having the past few nights. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is either--I've not eaten anything unusual before going to bed--not had any "adult beverages" that might prompt strange visions--not been sleep-deprived, etc etc etc. I've just had a strange collection of images, people and experiences bouncing around inside of my slumbering body. Rather than relay some of the specifics, I thought I would give an abbreviated list of the contents of my dreams. From there everyone is allowed to take the random, disconnected pieces and join them together however you want.

Recently, I have had dreams that have included the following:
1. crotch-attacking rattlesnakes and cobras
2. Van Halen (the entire band with a strange morph of David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar as the lead singer)
3. my trying to run but being stuck underneath a heavy invisible weight (strangely familiar for my dream life I'm afraid)
4. ketchup--lots and lots of ketchup
5. the Barenaked Ladies (one other musical group, including the previously mentioned one, who wanted me to be their rhythm guitar player)
6. speed-reading classes
7. cleaning my house and noticing that my house is suddenly 10 times bigger than the last time I cleaned it
8. scuba diving but not needing any sort of breathing apparatus

I've also found that I could stop a dream in places where I didn't like them--and switch to a totally different dream. I've never been able to do this before. Being able to bounce back and forth between dreams would be quite an ability though--one to be envied no doubt. In the groin-threatened dream with the snakes, I was able to shake my head in the dream and I was suddenly somewhere else--the organ-hungry reptiles were gone. That was when I was rehearsing with Van Halen.... Now that I think about it, maybe the first dream was a little better option for me after all.

I hope to keep practicing my dream bouncing talents. It might be time to keep a dream log again--I did that for about a year a long time ago. The more I paid attention to my dreams, the more vivid they seemed to be.

I'm sure someone could provide me with valuable dream interpretation websites right?!


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

No triathalon for thebaldtrain. I was sick enough this past week to disqualify me from participating I'm afraid. I hated admitting that I couldn't/shouldn't do it. The three guys I was planning to run it with all did really well though. So I'm afraid I don't have the shirt that was so covetted by c@it and Liz. Instead I'll probably have to offer another shirt--maybe this really light blue shirt that says "St. Mary's College" on the front and "A Tradition of Women on Top" on the backside. I did wear it to ride my bike a few days ago--so that's sort of like a triathalon shirt isn't it? Not worth a beanie or cotton candy or a delicious bass though...

Watched "Collateral." Was pretty disappointed. It's actually bummed me out more as I've thought about it than it did initially. I just felt robbed of my money and time. I don't really like Tom Cruise.

I'll write more later... Just checking in since so many people are stopping by lately. (I'm starting to feel special.... In the not-a-slow-learner kind of way)

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