Friday, June 10, 2005


Thank you Chris D for pointing out my name-color-blindness.

I mistakenly wrote that Jack Black is busy these days. I intended to write about Jack White. Not sure what got into me.

I've made the correction though and publicly give Chris the credit for his more-careful-than-mine reading.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Currently playing: "Born In The BBS" by Pants Pants Pants.

Some vocabulary for today:

glutinous \GLOOT-nuhs\ adjective:
Of the nature of glue; resembling glue; sticky.
(Glutinous derives from Latin glutinosus, from gluten, glutin-, "glue."
Synonyms: adhesive, gluey, gummy, mucilaginous, viscous.)

durance \DUR-uhn(t)s; DYUR-\ noun:
1. Imprisonment; confinement or restraint by or as if by force (usually used in the phrase "durance vile").
2. [Archaic] Endurance.
(Durance is from Middle English duraunce, "duration," from Old French durance, from durer, "to last; to endure," from Latin durare.)

Some busy times for Jack White. New White Stripes album, newely married (sorry c@it) and now a new side-project! Jack, along with one of my favorite Michigan musicians, Brendan Benson, have almost finished a new collaborative album, using the band name The Raconteurs. (Which means "one who excels at telling anecdotes.") Evidently the projection for the album's release is early '06.

By the way, both the newest Brendan Benson album, The Alternative to Love, and White Stripes album, Get Behind Me Satan, are worth owning!

Finally, Mike Tyson is fighting again this weekend. What a nutjob! In the height of his career/popularity, he had a man in his entourage who was called "the barker." This was a man, on the Tyson payroll, who followed him in public everywhere he went and called out how great Tyson is. "You're the greatest Mike. Everyone loves you. You're a gorgeous human being." That kind of thing.

If I ever get rich, that would be an interesting investment! It might be nice for a day or two, being followed by someone who kept reminding me about how shiny my head was or how curved my spine looks from the rear. And maybe even a few comments about my rear....

As soon as I run into a large sum of money, I'll start accepting barker applications.

With Amish Aaron this weekend. I'll try to give a more substantive post soon.

Exit music: "One More Night" by Stars.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Currently playing: "23" by Jimmy Eat World.

Rough weather yesterday. Some of the hardest rain and hail I can ever remember. I felt like some movie character who is backing away from the windows slowly, afraid that they will break open if I take my eyes off them and flood my house with water. Wasn't as big-screen exciting as that, but still pretty intense. My place has no AC or central air and it's been pretty sick inside already! @m said the other day there are 3 days each year in Michigan that are bearable weather days. I'm beginning to believe him.

Currently playing: "Roro Blue" by Ooberman.

The wireless connection keeps going down in this coffeeshop. It's dangerous enough trusting Blogger to not completely lose my posts--now I have to fight actual technology.

...but I still love technology.... always and forever....

I'd like to publicly say thanks to Anon X for both the comment that inspired my last post and for the most recent comment. Very nice and I'm glad we can disagree and be ok with that. Just to set it straight--never felt 'attacked' or anything. Your thoughts got me thinking and, I assumed, would be more representative than not. It's inspired me to try and be a little more well-rounded in my music suggestions.

Just to demonstrate how weak my snobbish tendencies really are: Currently listening to "Rest In Peace" by Extreme. (Yes-that Extreme!!)

Some great, truly indie music today. (another "warning"--I have no idea how long you'll be able to get this free stuff, so get it now. Sorry to those who have said it was no longer available...)

For those looking for some electronica to chill out to, I suggest Crashed By Car. This EP, Fictions & Fires combines all the electronica elements I love--captivating programming, a good mix of computer-generated and organic instuments and down-tempo songs, all finishing up under the five minute mark. The songs are not long enough to get boring and short enough to allow for movement and diversity. Great free EP!

Beck has set the standard for singer/songwriters who want to add quirky electronic elements to their songs. Well the Scottish duo Text Adventure is taking a shot at it also. These meloncholic tunes feature nylon string guitars and quirky 80s Atari-feeling Casio keyboards. This EP, Fantastic Disaster EP has moments of eye-brow raising "huh??!?" and smile-inducing "ahhh". "If It Could Talk It Wouldn't Say Anything" is a great track!

I'm a sucker every time for female-sung electro-pop from Europe. It almost never fails--I like all of it. Well this Swedish duo is no exception. Take a listen to Adria, grab a glass of wine, light some candles and then write me a thank-you email. I love the 4 tracks they have offered from their album Palaio Falira--they show diversity and a wide-range of influences. It's admittedly not as hypnotic as it could be if they stuck to one formula, but it's infinitely more interesting. Think Mum meets Air with less "experimental" female vocals.

Finally, you can't spell summer with an E. So it seems appropriate to plug my favorite multiple-E band, wEEzEr. Though it probably still ranks as my fourth favorite, Make Believe is an entertaining album. I was hoping the band would be streaming the new album, but no luck. Instead, you can check out the "Beverly Hills" video--it's worth seeing.

Finally, you have to check out the band that is opening for Kasabian (another great band)--The Colour. Under the media section, you can download two songs and check out the video for "Mirrorball"--check this band out. They are a good summer band to blast on the beach.

Exit music: "Harmony" by Clinic.

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