Thursday, December 15, 2005

On Monday, my 10 favorite albums of the year will be posted at Shake Your Fist. Until then...

My 43 Favorite Albums in '05

Archer Prewitt -- Wilderness
Architecture In Helsinki -- In Case We Die
Arvo Pärt -- Lamentate
Athlete -- Tourist
Ben Folds -- Songs For Silverman
Bloc Party -- Silent Alarm
Brendan Benson -- Alternative To Love
British Sea Power -- Open Season
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Decemberists -- Picaresque
Editors -- Back Room
Elbow -- Leaders of the Free World
Emiliana Torrini -- Fisherman's Woman
Engineers -- Engineers
Feist -- Let It Die
The Go! Team -- Thunder Lightning Strike (US release)
Gorillaz -- Demon Days
Hot Hot Heat -- Elevator
I Am Kloot -- Gods and Monsters
Imogen Heap -- Hide and Seek
Ivy -- In The Clear
James Blunt -- Back To Bedlam
Josh Rouse -- Nashville
Kaiser Chiefs -- Employment
LCD Soundsystem -- LCD Soundsystem
Longwave -- There's A Fire
Louis XIV -- The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
The Lucksmiths -- Warmer Corners
Mercury Rev -- Secret Migration
Nada Surf -- The Weight Is A Gift
The National -- Alligator
The New Pornographers -- Twin Cinema
Over The Rhine -- Drunkard's Prayer
The Perishers -- Let There Be Morning
The Pernice Brothers -- Discover A Lovelier You
Rosie Thomas -- If Songs Could Be Held
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals -- Cold Roses
Shout Out Louds -- Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Sigur Ros -- Takk
Spoon -- Gimme Fiction
Sufjan Stevens -- Illinois
Supergrass -- Road To Rouen
Turin Brakes -- JackInABox


Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Lennon post over at Shake Your Fist. Even if you have no desire to read what I think about a long-dead musician, you want to go get the free mp3 of Rosie Thomas covering "Love." Ignore the letters and scroll down and get that song.

I chuckled a couple times reading Stephanie's blog about their house mouse. I'm not laughing now. I have one now. Maybe a couple.

I got stuck in the driveway today. It's supposed to snow for the next calendar week. I'm less than happy about snow right now.

Word for the day: nosegay \NOHZ-gay\, noun:
A bunch of odorous and showy flowers; a bouquet; a posy.

Whether you like flowers or not, we should all try to use this word more often. I believe it's impossible to say it without a smile.

Walk The Line is an outstanding movie.

I was at the Y on Saturday on the track. Two things happened worth mentioning, though not necessarily worth reading. So proceed if you want. I had the Shuffle on while I was running and realized the song I was listening to kept repeating. A few weeks ago I tried to help someone burn a CD and tried to transfer the song via my Shuffle. I didn't realize at that point I removed all the songs I had on there and replaced them with this one song--some tribal African drum instrumental. That was all I had--for 3 miles.

At one point, someone tapped me on the shoulder, asking me to stop. I stopped, removed the earbuds and said "Yes?" This girl just smiled and "How's it going?" This is someone that I have seen before, but never had a conversation with. For the next two laps I walked and had an awkward talk--not even conversation--with this girl.

Corrie just said "Y interactions are always strange." I agree.

My favorite albums of '05 is coming. And in February, so is Nickleback to Grand Rapids.

Makes me consider moving...

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