Friday, May 21, 2004

One more thing: updated "Featured Artists" again. Sorry it's been so long.

For anyone into the Brit-Pop scene, here is one of my favorites: Athlete. Great grooves, creative lyrics, diverse record. A new project is coming out in October evidently. I couldn't be much more excited about that!

This is definitely music for the summer. Listen to it with the windows down, radio cranked, hair (or maybe not) being affected by the wind.

In my "Top 10 Most Suggested Band You've Never Heard Of" category.


Couple of events to report from good ole GR.

Shania Twain was here this past week. I'm sure there were lots of wife-beaters and mullets out for that--I'm learning how much of a "redneck" representation there is up here. Kind of surprised me actually. Guess it's good that mullets, mohawks and afros (not to mention the bald sprinkled in there every so often for flava!) can all co-exist in harmony somewhat.

I had a break-down in the grocery store the other day. I was doing some grocery shopping and felt LOST in probably the largest Meijer I have ever been in. Essentially, I couldn't find the eggs. I was looking all over and kept moving in these pathetic circles, passing by the end cap of Wheat Thins and other Keebler products that were on sale that day. Finally, I grew so frustrated and discouraged, I noticed I was actually crying! No joke. In the gap between Aisles 6 and 7, I was fighting back tears. I can just imagine I looked great--pushing a cart full of "bachelor food", decked out in thrift store clothes in the middle of mini-van moms, chin quivering and eyes squinting as I try and fight back tears because... yep... I can't find eggs! Produce hasn't always had that strong an effect on me.

Basically, I realized this episode in the store was a micro-cosm of my life right now. I can't find the simplest of things. I have to drive all around to find an ATM, a mailbox, a video store, liquor store, etc etc etc. I am lost here more often than I want to be or feel comfortable being. At that moment in Meijer, I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down. No need to cry over eggs (or spilt soy milk for that matter), but it was so much more than groceries at that point. Since then, I have had those eggs (which I finally found--and NO, I didn't ask someone! I'm a male remember?!?!) every single morning as a reminder of how desperate I am here right now. Actually, a very good thing for me.

Final episode: I have my first official Grand Rapids concert scheduled. I went with a guy I have met to an open mic thing last night that he was going to play at. I didn't have a guitar and didn't plan to play anything--but he convinced me. So I played three songs (including a new one--first time it's been played outside my bedroom) and got asked to come back this next Saturday night to split time with someone. So it looks like I'll be playing about 75 minutes worth of stuff on the 29th. Might be a place I can make "regular" so I can pass off some EPs when it's finished.

Speaking of the EP, I need to go. I'm recording tracks today. Two more drum loops to make and then it's on to acoustic tracks.



Monday, May 17, 2004

Saw "Kill Bill Vol. 2" again tonight. Some other people I know mentioned that they were going and asked if I wanted to join. I couldn't say "No." While I was there, I saw a poster for "Dodgeball," which I am unbelievably excited about seeing! And a quick preview of "Anchorman," Will Ferrel's new movie. I think after this movie two times in a row, I really need to see something mindless that will make me laugh. Guilty confession: I kind of want to see "Mean Girls!" The idea of the movie is great and I'm kind of interested. I hope to see the movie Super Size Me this week. It probably won't be the lighthearted movie I'm looking for, but I have been waiting for it to come out.... I cannot miss it. (On the site, the guy has a blog too... Very intriguing ideas that guy has!)

I've decided to do a mini-triathalon with a few guys. It's a 5 mile run, 15 mile bike and 1 mile swim--I think that's what I remember. I'm starting to "train" tomorrow. I'm not a very strong swimmer! That will be the toughest part for sure. The running won't be too hard for me--and the biking just concerns me because of the chaffing! The swimming though.... I might be dredged up from the bottom of the lake. I have always been a poor swimmer. So I'm going to make sure I swim at least three times a week. I need a new challenge in life right now.

The Kill Bill soundtracks are amazing. Getting both of them are worth it for two songs alone! Vol. 1 has the Nancy Sinatra song "Bang Bang," with the mesmerizing tremolo guitar and her siren vocals. Compelling! I've actually listened to it three or four times in a row while I've been typing this. Vol. 2 has the song "About Her," a trip-hop version of an old 60s/70s (??? can't remember which) song. Both songs are worth paying whatever the entire soundtracks cost.

Almost finished reading "Less Than Zero," by Bret Easton Ellis. This was a really depressing 80s movie and is an equally depressing book. I wonder if there are more similarities today with the 80s than just music and some fashion (oh God--please bring back leg warmers and fluorescent colors!!). The materialistic mindset of the 80s is haunting--and this book has opened my eyes to alot of the same stuff around me now. Not for everyone, but it's been a sobering read for me.

Hope to have a new song for your perusal this week. Inspired somewhat by the new Beta Band record. It's tough for me to put stuff out there though--I have to be honest. But I know I need to stop being only a critic and produce something that can be criticized.

New update on the EP: For my good friend aLink (who I really do miss a lot, even though I am a piss-poor friend who hasn't called since I have moved..... I suck!!!) I have decided to add the song "Everybody Thinks You're Lucky" to the EP. It qualifies, since it's in A Major.

Song to exit on: "Silence Is Easy" by Starsailor. (Hey Cait--maybe that's the theme for bloggers right now... Hope your appointment goes well.)

Shalom all!

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