Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No music right now. I'm enjoying the sound of the fan and the occassional passing car. I have a noisy life and need to do this more often. It's weird how I notice the sound of typing and even my own breathing and find them kind of soothing and even "pretty".

I just read what I wrote--and no, I haven't been drinking.

Did anyone else hate the VMAs as much as I did? We had a little get together to watch them, which ended up being a really good time. However, I really did hate almost every second of it. I laughed a lot, but mostly because I was with people I like. Diddy didn't win me over. The musical performances were mediocre--Green Day's opener and the Kayne/Jaime Foxx duet was fun and The Killers were better than I anticipated. But Coldplay was uninspired (and pitchy!!), R Kelly was creepy and almost unwatchable and I'm surprised by the Kelly Clarkson melt-down. There wasn't near enough Gwen Stefani for me and way too much of that commedian I've never heard of before.

We do a little "prediction" game for award shows and I won again--two in a row. I'm afraid I might no longer be invited to these parties so I might have to throw the game next time.

I finished up the Jeff/Tim Buckley book Dream Brother last night. Really well-written, jumping back and forth each chapter and had a ton of credible interviews scattered throughout. Both stories are pretty sad though--I didn't feel good after I finished. (Although the book did end with a reference to a concert by Starsailor, a Brit band I like quite a bit, since their name comes from a Tim Buckley album.) I plan to start the Belle And Sebastian book tonight, Just A Modern Rock Story. There might need to be a B&S post coming up soon...

Another pre-emptive reminder: Robert Paulson will be playing at Rocky's on September 18th. We plan to pull out a couple new songs and will hopefully have a good opener too. I know it's a Sunday night...

I paid for the triathalon today--there's no backing out now. 12 days....

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