Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thanks to Jenn for helping me come up with the new quote. She also began my French lessons over MSN today with this:

"bonjour, je m'appelle Troy"

So there have been a few complaints because I haven't been updating my blog. I just want to acknowledge that.

I thought I would give a list of the songs I can't seem to stop listening to right now.

"Gold Lion" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (thanks to c@it)
"Helicopter" by Bloc Party
"Lovely 2 C U" by Goldfrapp
"Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World (I've actually listened to the entire record, Bleed American, this past weekend)
"Hello" by Sputnik
"Yeah!" by The Golden Dogs
"Decent Days and Nights" by The Futureheads
"Oh! Sweet Nothin'" by The Velvet Underground
"I'm So Tired of Being Alone" by Al Green (once again, my soul obsession...)
"The Opposite of Coffee" by The Lucksmiths

Vacation in South Carolina next week. I hope to get the head some sun.

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