Saturday, May 29, 2004

Current song: "Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths.

Let's hear it for your friend and mine, the woman I call "HTML Diety," CAIT! The facelift you are experiencing on my blog is the product of this saint's hard work. She made this for my birthday--and today was the day I got her help to officially launch the new look. It's simple and I love it! So, mad props to my friend in the deep south. Sorry I couldn't make it for brats and swimming.

It's been nice to have my name scattered around for the past couple months--and having it associated with Brad Pitt hasn't sucked either. You know what Brad and I have in common?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

No big news from GR this past week. Continual crummy weather, I tried to keep swimming as preparation for the mini-triathalon in September, wrote a new song that I have been trying to record for three days straight, but grew frustrated with because I can't seem to capture what I hear/feel in my head. Our wireless was down for most of the week so I couldn't update the blog. I have been walking to the video store not too far from me (called "My Video Shoppe") and taking advantage of their rental deals. Watched the movie "Owning Mahoney,"staring one of my favorite actors, Phillip Seymore Hoffman. I like virtually everything he has ever done. This was another of those uncomfortable real-life portrayals that he is so good at. (See also, "Happiness," "Love Liza," "Magnolia," and "Punch Drunk Love.") Watch them with a good wine or on a day when things have been going REALLY well. Both will help even out your perspective of what seem to be hopeless situations.

I'm going to a barbeque in a little while. I actually got invited by.... you ready?... a GIRL! That's right! There are going to be quite a few people there evidently and I'm not sure there was any reason for the invitation other than being nice. Either way, I'm glad to be able to meet a few people my age. One member of the gentle gender that I have connected with since getting here made it clear this past week that there isn't anything going on with us. She casually mentioned in an email to me that he weekend was 'boring--highlighted by the rain, ice cream, and spending some time with my boyfriend--who works third shift and I don't get to see very often.' Gotta appreciate the "honesty" I suppose--even if it's a few weeks tardy.

Current song: "The Rainbow" by Apples In Stereo.

Reading a "new" book called "Turning Thirty," by Mike Gayle. This is the last one of his I haven't read yet. I actually had to find it in a used book store online. Virtually everywhere I looked didn't have it in stock. If you like Nick Hornby (who wrote "High Fidelity" and "About A Boy"--both made into movies) or Tony Parsons (who wrote "Man And Boy"), then you would connect with (and probably experience the same laugh:cry ratio) Gayle's books. Not surprisingly, "Turning Thirty" is making an impact on me. Helping me to laugh at this stage of life--but also to mourn, hopefully in a healthy way, the passing of my "youth."

I've not had great feeback on my latest musical suggestion. I don't deny that the Brit-Pop genre is a stretch for most of us. It's probably the most influential for me right now. Look for a couple of new bands to make an impact, thanks to Coldplay. I'll give longer "reviews" of their stuff soon. (I know that really excites you Jane--more of the thick accents! wooo hooooo!!)

I'm looking for any feedback you might have for further improvements on the look of the blog. I'm not great with the visual stuff--so I'm not sure what colors would go well together, etc. And feel free to visit Cait's blog and tell her what a good job she did on the new design.

OK--gotta go get ready for the b-b-q. Stay tuned for these upcoming subjects:

>> getting a tatoo
>> Vice City addiction revisited
>> culinary struggles

Exit music: "Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G.


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