Saturday, October 22, 2005

On a night I choose to not visit my favorite "adult refreshment establishment," I miss seeing, and possibly meeting, a once-in-a-lifetime celebrity. My friend Tammy, the diva of the aforementioned locale, sent me a text letting me know that Dennis Haskins had just left. That's right--the one and only Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell and all the other horrifying mutations that followed. Of course, who could forget his moving contribution to the stellar film Guide to the World of Family Computers, Software & Games? That's bad luck...

Speaking of entertainment-changing people, Def Leppard will be in GR Monday night. I won't be seeing them. Instead I'll be heading to Detroit to see U2 Tuesday night and a Notre Dame/Indiana University soccer game with @m and Amish Aaron on Wednesday night.

I find it odd that all my toiletries seem to run out at the same time. Toothpaste and pit stick all needing purchased together? Strange...Even stranger that I wrote about it. Sorry.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Currently playing: "The Big Picture" by Bright Eyes.

I really dislike walking around my house in socks and stepping into some standing puddle of water. There's some kind of leak in the bathtub and I've not learned yet–I still walk into the bathroom, sans shoes, magnetically towards the small low spot in the floor where the water collects.

I love NPR, but despise their pledge drives. I understand why it needs to be done... It doesn't change how much I hate it.

Thinking constantly about music and listening non-stop these days. It's been mostly Soma FM lately.

I highly recommend these records:

James Blunt Back To Bedlam (A good British singer/songwriter with very cool textures and good songs. "Goodbye My Lover" is a fantastic song!)

Supergrass Road To Rouen (I like this band and this collection of songs is shows off how good a band this really is. Check out the video for "Low C" on their site.)

Whiskeytown Strangers Almanac (Not new, but I love it all the same. And though Ryan Adams is a dick, I love his songs. "Avenues" gets me every single time I hear it!!)

Exit music: "Shanty For The Arethusa" by The Decemberists.

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