Friday, November 04, 2005

Entrance music: "Void" by Centric.

I woke up this morning kind of sad, even though I woke up later than usual, not having to go to work. I had a realistic dream about someone I know pretty well dying. I couldn't cry--I kept trying, even made crying sounds and was squinting my eyes tightly. Nothing. I saw someone else who was close to this person and he was deeply sad and it still didn't draw that reaction from me.

I've heard before that you often cry in dreams when you need to cry in "real life." What does it mean you can't–or don't–cry in either states or "places"?

Currently playing: "Embrace" by Low.

Happier topic transition... Amish Aaron and I consistently find little "games" to play that end up capturing an entire evening, usually involving a micro-brew and a lot of laughter. The last time we messed around with a new widget (mac friends understand) that translates english words and phrases into a dozen languages or so. AA had the idea to translate some of our favorite phrases into these languages and then turn around and translate the translation back into English...

Now that I've written it, I realize we sound incredibly un-fun.

"Damn it feels good to be a gangster" = "Fluch, den es gut glaubt, ein ganster zu sein" in German = "Curse, which it believes well to be more gangster" back in English.

Make sense?

"Why don't you go back to your home on whore island?" = "为什么您不去回到您的家庭电话在妓女海岛" in traditional Han Chinese = "Why don't you return to your household telephone. In the prostitute island" back in English.

"She has junk in the trunk" (an obviously popular world-wide expression)

"She has the second hand goods in the bough"

Zij heeft troep in de boomstam (Dutch)
"She has troop in the tree-tame"

Elle a l'ordure dans le joncteur réseau (French)
"It has the refuse in the junctor network"

And the closely related statement: "That girl has a ghetto booty"
"That girl has the national minority community stolen goods"

"I am training to be a cage fighter"
"I train am the basket fighter aircraft"

"You're really good at hooking up with chicks"
"You are truly excel to the joint and the chicken"

The joint and the chicken... I once truly excelled at both.

Exit music: "First Of Four" by American Analog Set


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Currently playing: "Said and Done" by Engineers.

A new post, finally, over at Shake Your Fist. I wrote this time about one of my favorite surprise albums from college. (Did I ever mention there are free mp3s to sample there as well? More incentive to visit....)

Thai food.... There is almost nothing I like more.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Toilet overflowed this afternoon. I cleaned the bathroom last night and then had to do a slight repeat thanks to that debacle. This is the conversation the roommate and I had when he came home.

tr0y: The cursed toilet overflowed.

roommate: That sucks. Did you clean it up?

tr0y: *looks at roommate a little frustrated* Yes. Yes I did.

*silence, apparently while the roommate holds back his tears of gratitude*

tr0y: There might not be anything worse than having to clean up the overflowed toilet.

roommate: Was it after you took a dump?

tr0y: *looks at the roommate a little frustrated again and disgusted*

roommate: Well that would have been worse.

Ate at Sami's today and haven't been hungry since my early lunch. I love gyros, but I don't think I can have them more than once a month. I feel like garbage for the next couple hours right after.

Just to clear it up... I am not obsessed with the whole "uncle tr0y is not married" thing. It's just happened to come up a lot lately. So no one needs to feel bad--please, do not feel bad! All the same, I am very entertained by this story and approach to finding a bride:

House With Bride for Sale for $600,000

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