Thursday, August 05, 2004

Playing currently: "Miriam" by 20 Minute Loop.

Well the on-going debacle that is known as "tr0y trying to get a license" continues, with a few new wrinkles. I'm not even in the mood to write about the situation, except to complain generally and continue to utter curses internally. I've had to cancel a trip to see Amish Aaron this morning because of this. I have a phone call to make to a certain four-year old that is expecting me--and I'm NOT happy about having to tell her that I'm not coming.

I made spaghetti the other night. I know that is no big deal for 100% of you reading this, but for me it was a pretty decent accomplishment. The once-bachelors out there will understand a couple of these reasons. First, I made my own meatballs. I chopped up small pieces of onions and green peppers and rolled out two dozen meatballs. This is hugely domestic for me! (stop laughing and making fun c@it--I know you probably did that when you were 4!!) Second, I made the noodles and sauce in TWO SEPARATE POTS. That's unusual mostly because most bachelors only have one pot, so we typically boil noodles, drain them and then put them back in the pot and pour the sauce back on top and... Now that I think about that, I realize how kind of gross that really is. Anyway, I used TWO pots the other night and boiled noodles and added my meatball creations to the sauce in the other pot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good ratio of meatball to sauce. So the meal was more like meatballs, with some sauce and noodles under them.

I realized that I'm not sure the work is worth the end result. At least not when I am putting in the work. All the dishes that need to be done..... The mess I made of the stovetop.... The heat that filled the kitchen, thanks to little circulation... All of those factors didn't end up being nullified because of the incredible quality of the food.

It tasted ok...

It needed to be great to match how difficult the whole process was for me....

I found out this morning that I have a ticket to see Sarah McLachlan later this month. Continuing the impressive line of people visiting GR (see previous post), she will be here August 24th. Amish Aaron and Janet are heading up here for the night and we will all go see her together. I'm pretty excited--definitely something to look forward to.

Along with a camping trip with 3 other guys to Cedar Point the week previous. Few things spell fun like roller coasters and tents. (Especially since there is a good chance there will be a few adult beverages making the trip too....)

Work is calling. I wish I could ignore it.


Monday, August 02, 2004

When I usually suggest music, it's got about a 13% chance to be liked. And I understand that when I make a suggestion. I typically suggest something in the "indie" category, hoping to support the more "underground" artists and labels. Then every once in a while, I come across something soooooooo pretty and moving and emotional, that even my convictions (too strong of a word probably) against mainstream music are shattered.

Shatter them away if more music would be like what I'm suggesting today.

Katie Melua is for all those who are fans of Norah Jones, but want more "pop-song structure" and more acoustic guitar. It still has the great siren vocals and jazz instrumentation, but feels less "strictly jazz" than most of the Norah Jones stuff. (Which I also LOVE LOVE LOVE!) I've not been able to stop listening to Katie Melua's new record "Call Off The Search." The title track is mesmerizing--the kind of song that, like Jones' "Come Away With Me" makes the most masculine parts of me (which aren't substantial) cower and get misty-eyed. The idea that a girl would sing something like that to me makes me crumble! And she does a Jeff Buckley cover too. Not many people can pull that off and she does a very respectable job!! I highly recommend this record. (Not only that, but a girl who is a friend of mine calls it "make out music" for all of you out there who might have make-out potential.)

OK--another installment of.....

:: I have 20/20 vision.
:: I sometimes wear vanity glasses.
:: I think I have slight dyslexia.
:: I am a big fan of girls wearing ponytails. I'm not sure why...
:: People chewing with their mouths open bug the CRAP out of me. (potato chip chewer a couple tables away right now as a matter of fact.)
:: I hate when things that I want to move quickly end up moving slowly.
:: I hate when things that I want to move slowly end up moving quickly.
:: I always wear two pairs of socks--a white pair and a colored pair on top.
:: I almost always wear a t-shirt under my top shirt--even if the top shirt is also a t-shirt.
:: I'm wearing only one shirt today.
:: I love soup--I could (and do) eat it all year!
:: I'm eating soup tonight for dinner.
:: I use the words supper and dinner interchangably.

I'm thinking about posting the lyrics of the new song I wrote. I played it last week for the first time in public and it had a pretty decent reaction. The tought part for me is that I think most of my songs need the context to really be able to get it. But then again, maybe that's a sign of songs not being as strong as I think--if they need set-up all the time.... Or maybe it's just my insecurity about the songs--that I feel like I need to give them validation. If the songs are good, they should be able to survive on their own, apart from the writer and his/her explanation.

Either way, here is my explanation. :)

There are these two girls.... One girl I have never talked to--I've just seen her walking her dog past my house a few times. And this song started to germinate one night as I was on my porch and she passed by a few times--a little slower the second time, smiling back a couple of extra times. Of course, I'm much too.. whatever... to say anything. The song really took shape with another girl though. We talk most of the time about "nothing"--normal, everyday stuff. It's easy talking to her. So in the song, I started to think about a conversation where I'm telling her stuff about myself, but they are all things that don't tell all that much about me--it's all silly little things that seem like honesty, but really don't surrender much. And then, in the middle of that stuff, I start smuggling in thoughts about her. And of course, then I move back to silly facts and info about me, trying to act like I never said anything. Pretty soon I'll have the demo of the song done and I'll post it for all you critics.

And now I'm getting sort of tired of typing, so I don't think I'll include the lyrics. Soon though... maybe....


I now offically take back most (not ALL) of the complaining I have done about GR. I've complained about the lack of good bands coming through for concerts--mocking Simon and Garfunkel and Phil Collins (who will receive plenty of mocking from me still in the future! That won't change anytime near. Also, why doesn't he go ahead and shave completely? He has so little hair on that barren landscape he calls a head. Just cross over Phil--join us!!). But in the past four days GR has experienced quite a range of well-known people!

Friday: George W. Bush
Sunday: Prince
Monday: John Kerry

I might vote for Prince!


Sunday, August 01, 2004

Still have no internet at home.... It's moved past annoying into the realms of major frustration and inconvenience. I'm just afraid, like all the repairs that need to be done in my place, this won't see a solution any time soon..... grrrrrrrrrr!

And I also haven't been able to figure out how to fix my page--sorry boys and girls. I removed the other pics I had posted--I didn't realize I needed to fix the size... But since removing the pics, it doesn't look like it made a difference. Once c@it officially returns I'll beg for more of her help. I'm feeling less and less capable all the time....

Just ate lunch at Carraba's--great Italian. Few things make me want to sleep though like a stomach full of fettuccini alfredo! I do like snow peas though--but who doesn't?

Bought some great shoes with Suzie yesterday--some green and mustard (?) Pumas. Surprisingly comfy.

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