Saturday, February 04, 2006

In one week?

Sheryl and Lance.

Heather and Richie.

I guess I should be prepared for the phone to start ringing again. They always come back after hard break-ups like these....

I took the "plunge" and have been sucked in by the allure of sudoku. I played a handful of times last night after Tammy gave me a diabolically tough puzzle at the bar.

I've been listening to Gemma Hayes a lot lately. I know she's not breaking into new musical territories, but I really like her songs. Someone told me she opened some shows for Athlete, which makes me like her even more if that's true. I like her first record, Night On My Side, better than the new one, but I recommend anything she's done. You can stream a couple songs from the first record on her site.

Oh sudoku--why does your siren call tempt me so?!


Monday, January 30, 2006

Currently playing: "Every Bitter Drop" by Posies.

I had a truly unique experience tonight at a burrito place I like. (Unfortunately this place is not called Chipotle, which I miss terribly from Chicago!) I was with 3 other guys who had sat at the table when the manager walked over and asked if they wanted to help him with something. He wanted their help with a manager-in-training. He asked if we would ask to speak to this manager-to-be and tell her that what we ordered wasn't good. In exchange, he offered coupons for free meals.

The moral of the story: it does pay to be deceptive. Our food was just fine.

I had an entertaining conversation today with a girl I work with.

Amy: Troy, have you talked to your friend lately?

tr0y: (long pause as I think about what Amy asked) That question makes it sound like I have only one friend.

Amy: (long pause as Amy thinks about what I said) You know who I'm talking about don't you?"

tr0y: (nods slowly) Yes, I know who you're talking about...."

I have more than one friend.

Watched the Coachella film this past weekend. It was entertaining and made me really want to get to some festival this year. The film made me also realize that my musical pallete really isn't as wide as I'd like to think/admit. A good portion of what was highlighted I just didn't "get." I've never 'gotten' Fischerspooner's vaudevillian/gothic presentations. I don't even 'get' Mars Volta to be honest--or maybe I just don't like it....

It might be time for a musical expansion. If anyone has a suggestion, something kind of 'off the radar,' I'm open to it. At least I am for the next couple of days. Then I'm heading straight back into the comforting arms of Brit-rock and electronica.

Exit music: "Cut Off Yer Thumbs" by Oranger.

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