Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Email and internet has been down for two days at work. I haven't known how to handle that. I was talking to someone on the phone today and commented "I don't remember life before the Internet. What did I do?"

Then I remembered.

I used to talk to people.
I went outside more often.
I wrote letters--using paper and ink.
I read books and went to the library.
I had better eyesight (probably).

All those being "true," I realize how much of my life is oriented around my ability to get "online." Sad but true.

That said, I have a new template to try out soon. Cait--the darling from the south--has sent me something to try out, as a "belated" bday present. She's awesome. I need to add that to my "fake blog" so I can make sure I don't mess anything up trying it out here. Be looking for that to make an appearance real soon though.

Lastly--"People" came out with their "50 Most Beautiful." Anyone see it? I'm disappointed to report--for the second year in a row--that I was left out of the Top 50. That's two years in a row that I have been ranked at 52. Last year I fell short right behind Gollum, from LOTR fame. This year, the kid who plays Malcolm from "Malcolm In The Middle." I'm not sure what I need to do to crack to 50... I am convinced there is a bald prejudice in Hollywood.


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