Thursday, September 02, 2004

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Another installment for people to disagree with violently:

Top 5 "C" Movies:
1. Caddyshack (I know it sounds cliche to consider this movie, but it does-and always has-make me laugh! One of those classic combo of killer actors--LONG before Oceans Eleven thought of it.)
2. Carrie (Gotta love a good scary movie that is old--devoid of relying on special effects instead of story and great performances. Evidently my brother was dropped on the floorboard of my parents' car while they were watching this movie at the drive-in. That alone makes this movie fit into the top 5!)
3. Christmas Story (Who doesn't love this movie? The narrative flashback is a MUST every winter! It makes me smile thinking about my dad laughing and slapping his knee at the same places every year.)
4. Clockwork Orange (One of the creepiest, spookiest, most bizarre movies out there. The movie actually made the book more confusing for me. But I still enjoy the eye candy--especially when I'm sick and have a little bit of a medicine buzz)
5. Coming To America (Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? Or maybe a better question: Remember Eddie Murphy? Amish Aaron knows more of this movie than any other human I know--I expect at least three quotes left as comments Smeares!)

[honorable mention: Chasing Amy; Children Of A Lesser God; Cocoon; Comedian; Contact]

Bottom 5 "C" Movies:
1. Caddyshack 2 (This movie should replace lethal injection and the gas chamber!)
2. Chicken Run (Forgive me--I know some people thought it was cute. I hated myself after actually paying to rent the movie)
3. Chronicles Of Riddick (Didn't see it, but the trailer said enough--Not Fast or Furious enough!!)
4. Cliffhanger (I'm not sure what's more painful--actually being dropped from a height like the beginning of this movie or having to watch the movie. If I had to choose, I would struggle!)
5. Crocodille Dundee 1 and 2 (It's a tie how bad these movies were. And thanks to that car company for bringing Mr. Hogan back into the cultural consciousness!!)

Currently playing: "Hindsight" by Death Cab for Cutie.

Couple of updates: I've been called "Sir" a lot lately and it's bugging me. Of course, it's always by some college person in a coffee shop or working a checkout lane. Still, it bugs me. I know this place is younger than the Chicago burb, but I want to smuggle myself into the young person culture. Have I crossed the line where I can no longer go back? Is it true? I'm hoping the answer is not "No, Sir" or "Yes, Sir."

Driving to work the other morning a large boulder of some sort flew and hit my windshield, donating a nice little chip. Thanks a pantsfull!

There was a man sitting at the table next to me a while ago. I was trying to read and he was working on his computer with a couple of his friends. They kept talking about software and some database job or something. I was trying to not listen, but they were so excited and passionate about it, they were making it genuinely tough to ignore. I noticed soon after that the one man facing me was strugging with.... umm... how to say this gently..... struggling with some sort of enemy in his nostril. Staring straight into his computer screen, he was putting a full-court press on the contents of his nose. How did I notice you might be wondering? I'm glad you asked: he was making NOISES! He was grunting and breathing heavier. It was unbelievable. There is something about having to take care of business that I can understand. Attempting to be discreet in those circumstances is always appreciated. This particular assault wasn't covert in any way! The guys sharing his table MUST have noticed but they weren't responding. I started to smile and tried to hold back from laughing, but then I quickly was really grossed out!! Nose-picking in public is quickly rising up the pet-peeves chart for me. It doesn't quite surpass the sound of teeth being brushed, but it's getting closer.

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Finally, I don't get excited about video games anymore. As a matter of fact, I definitely belong in the "uninformed old person" category regarding the world of video games. However, the day is coming when I will be making a video game purchase. I'm not speaking of Sims either. (By the way, tr0ySim still hasn't had anyone accept his invitation to marriage. He has recently burnt his back patio down thanks to his inability to use the grill though!) The new Grand Theft Auto will be among us in the next month or so. Their site gives us a sneak preview (finally) of the game. For those who have thought it was too violent before--be comforted by the fact that some things never change.

Exit music: "Follow The Sun" by Ooberman.


Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Current song: "The Good Times Are Killing Me" by Modest Mouse.

How approriate. I got home last night, after 12 hours in the studio, dead tired. I hardly ever turn the lights on when I come inside--so when I was walking through my kitchen last night, in the dark, I thought I noticed something strange. I stopped and realized there was a big puddle on the floor. After a few minutes of investigation, I realized my power was off! I've spent all morning trying to figure out what I need to do to get it turned back on--I mean, besides pay like $200. Turns out the guy who owns my building has been getting my bills for the electric. But instead of passing them along to me, he assumed I was getting the bills too. So there hasn't been a payment for 4 months. Don't ask me why I didn't think about it--I know it's not entirely his fault. But now I need an account number from the bill, which I have never received. I can't get a hold of Jake either, so I can't pay the bill.

This is unbelievable!

I know it's a small thing and there could be PLENTY of worse things happening in my life... But it seems like the past couple of months have been filled with lots of little frustrating details like this. I don't have power in my house. I still don't have a Michigan driver's license. I guess that's only two things--but they are both frustrating..... And I'm tired--REALLY tired. My brain seems to need a serious jump-start after yesterday. And my ears hurt--I can't concentrate or listen to music, which is extremely bizarre!!

The worst thing is this dilemna though: who is the highest bidder for the mock turtleneck??!!? SOOOO many great bids! I'll probably need to remove family members from the running--like most contests that family members aren't allowed to win. If I do that, it's boiling down to the old "faithfuls": c@it and Liz. These are my two "oldest" blogging amigas. (I use the word "oldest" loosely--adding both of their ages up makes them just barely older than me..... ) You two are both great and I'll figure out how to make sure you are both WINNERS!! (I could probably combine your two bids together though: I could wear my beanie to the Glamour Shots session--and then you could both get pictures!!!! Everybody wins.)

OK--better think about heading to work.

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