Monday, April 18, 2005

Busy couple of days coming up. Mini-vacation to South Carolina coming on Wednesday with Amish Aaron. The plan: throw the frisbee on the beach without shirts for 15 hours a day. The rest of the time will be spent alternating between sleeping and Playstation.

A lot to do before I take off though--I'm feeling the pressure.

Was in Chicago this weekend and had a blast. Playing guitar for my friend Cindy's recording and went to a little league baseball practice too. Watched three movies during that time too.

Without A Paddle Without a doubt... one of the worst movies I've seen. One funny line--the rest: simply BAD!

Dawn of the Dead Entertaining I have to admit. Reminded me of 28 Days Later a little bit--that's a movie I think is fantastic. Plenty of twists in the new DOTD if you can get past the violent head wounds scattered throughout.

The Flight of the Phoenix Another remake. It was alright I guess... Some of the dialogue was very corny, but a couple interesting characters. I need to see the original I've been told.

I'll try adding more soon. Otherwise I'll write while I'm on vacation...

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