Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good show in Chicago last night. Athlete was great!! They played a short set, but each song was so good I didn't feel short-changed. They were at The Double Door and it was nearly 200 degrees inside. Alot more people there than I've seen before--made the club feel even smaller. I'm posting more about the show/band over at SYF.

This young band opened for Athlete and I was genuinely entertained. This Is Me Smiling played really fun and bouncy pop rock--it felt at times like Weezer or Bowling For Soup with some of the quirky piano quarter-notes of Jellyfish or Ben Folds. Yes the songs felt "sophomoric" at times, but there was an inventiveness and innocent eagerness to the songs too. And I was glad to see Mike Felumlee (of former Smoking Popes) drumming. Chicago people give them a shot and let me know if you agree.

One unexpected twist yesterday. We're walking around downtown, on our way to Urban, when we pass a hotel, wondering what on earth the gigantic crowd of people were doing outside. Turns out, after doing some asking, that U2 was staying there and supposedly leaving soon for their second Chicago show. So we waited around, like star-struck stalkers, to catch a glimpse of The Edge, Adam Clayton and Bono.

I have a picture to post--I'll do that tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bought a watch. I've not owned nor worn a watch since my freshman year of high school. Yes–watches were invented then. I didn't think it would attract much attention, but Audra mentioned it after she saw me. In her years of knowing me, she has never seen such an accessory on my wrist.

The show on Sunday night was pretty good. @m and I had fun anyway. Ethan and Tom were great. Thanks to the few who stopped by to sing and clap with us. We'll keep everyone posted of anything upcoming.

Tomorrow night I'm heading to Chicago with b0b to see Athlete. I'll be writing about it for Shake Your Fist this weekend probably. I need to get a digital camera, especially for these kinds of times. And, of course, to feature a variety of bald head shots. I know how much everyone is craving those...

Watched the end of Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead tonight. It's not a great movie contrary to my memory. It easy ranks third behind The Babysitter with Alicia Silverstone (not ugly) and Adventures In Babysitting with Elisabeth Shue (not NOT ugly!!!!!!!!!).

In my car I listen to two things: my iPod or NPR. One of my favorite programs is All Songs Considered. ASC recently featured Sigur Ros (in Chicago tonight actually) and is offering a podcast on their site now. It's got an extended live track from a recent show and an interview with the drummer and bass player. It's definitely worth giving a listen.

One more encouragement to waste time. This simple game has kept me entertained the past two nights when I should have been sleeping. Let me know your high score.

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