Monday, September 26, 2005

Couple of links for today.

Amy has been beyond angelically patient with me the past two days. Her invite to post at SYF might have seemed like a good idea at first, but since we've been battling hosting problems and my inability to figure out my own computer, I'm not sure now. Regardless, she's allowed me post again, this time about Athlete, to follow up the show b()b and tina and I went to last week.

I'm not completely convinced about the whole podcast thing to be honest. I've listened to some and appreciate ease of production and how it gives a lot of people the shot at creating something. I just haven't found many that I actually want to listen to. And then in July I happened to find my favorite and have been listening (as a subscriber) ever since. Anyone who misses high school needs to check out Pod Princess. KS is genuinely entertaining and smarter than I remember most people being in early high school. The last podcast I said out loud to the people I was listening with "Wait, this is the ninth time I have listened to her show and I didn't know she had a boyfriend!!" Her recurring segments and weekly updates keep me coming back. I highly recommend this podcast.

I've mentioned before I only listen to NPR when I'm in my car. My favorite show, by far, is out of Chicago. This American Life takes a couple different stories centered around a specific theme and breaks into "acts". Like many NPR shows, it's hard to give a single sentence description, but the show has featured David Sedaris, Dave Eggers, Anne Lamott and Nick Hornby. Entertaining and smart.

Finally, here's the pic of Bono that b()b took when we were downtown last week.

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