Monday, November 29, 2004

Vacation is a little over a day from being finished. Indy was great--the time with my family times better than I hoped for. We laughed so much! I have a feeling we all needed that. Time with those little girls was outstanding--even if they never fully got excited about being closer then 4 feet away from me. I'm in the process of writing my "What I Learned On My Thanksgiving Vacation" paper which I'll be sure to post as soon as it's done.

I actually was able to spend a lot of time online during the break--what a luxury it is for those of you have access to the internet from your homes/dorms/shanties/etc.... I can't believe I complain about that stuff. I make it sound as though my life is incomplete or I'm suffering because I can't check my email from my house but have to drive to a coffee shop instead. I'm growing more and more bothered by how much I complain and the kinds of things I choose to whine about. Gotta get it out some would say.... I wish I could either agree or disagree fully...

I showered yesterday morning with an Apricot and Chamomile Body Soap. Not only did I smell like an orchard, but I wasn't going to have any convulsions (for those who aren't aware--chamomile is a European and North African herb known for its strong scent and the flower head that is made up of a bitter principle that is antispasmodic). That's what I call a showering agent--I was taken care of on multiple levels.

Everyone likes cute pictures--here is one more I have to offer:

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