Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ever have those nights where you are dead tired, feeling like you could fall asleep standing up, but then lay on your back, in bed, staring up at what must be the ceiling on the other side of the black, asking yourself why you can't fall asleep NOW?

Yea, me neither.

I feel like an apology is necessary. My last post, containing the "lonely complaints," was a little self-indulgent and probably appeared intentionally poised to garner sympathy and "awwww" comments. That wasn't my conscious intention. Either way, it sure does look like it. So I'm sorry. Nonetheless, I want to thank the people who said nice things to me, both in comments and emails. Though I've not responded, I was really touched. So thank you Amy, jane, Tory, c@it, Andrea, Andy and Linda. Seriously, you're all very kind and I appreciate the things you had to say and have read your words a couple times.

I love the word "nonetheless." I've been trying to write a song for years with that as the title.

Speaking of songs, the new music blog is in the planning stages. More details will come as soon as all the people I've asked to be part of it have confirmed with me. But it's a promising foundation: @m, c@it and tr0y. Prepare to be amazed!!

I want to share a couple of things that have entertained me the past week or so. Maddox always has unbearably funny things to say and his most recent post is no different. Read about his thoughts on GTA: San Andreas.

You'll need Flash on your machine to see this next page, but it's worth it! I'm not sure how to describe what it is–it's kind of like a game, but not really; it's kind of like a screen-saver sort of thing, but not really. You look at it and tell me what this falling girl thing is all about.

Gonna try to sleep now.

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