Saturday, July 16, 2005

In the Orange County airport, waiting for a flight back to Detroit.

Had a really fun final day. AN and I took off to San Diego ("which means a whale's vagina"). We headed to Mission Beach to start the day. Got some great tacos–I assume authentic; I guarantee slow. Eventually cruised up and down the beach, trying to find where the waves were breaking. We elected to not surf, but rent boogie boards instead. I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't very good. I was getting the sh–crap–it beat out of me!! I just couldn't get out past the break! Finally I made my way out there, but just couldn't grab a wave. I was kind of frustrated, but completely tired. To be honest, for a while I wasn't sure I would make it back to shore. I was "trapped" in that weird bowl-like spot where the water seemed to be swirling back and forth, keeping things (ME) in the same spot. When I finally got back to shore, 9 pounds of salt water heavier, I just laid on the board and stared at the sky. I've mentioned before, but this experience was confirming: I'm a rotten swimmer.

After leaving the beach we headed down to the Gaslamp Quarter–a hip old business district of SD. We found lots of cool shops and restaurants and young, "in" people. AN bought some gifts for the wife and I kept my eyes open for things I'd like to buy and girls I'd like to date.

I ended up with neither.

We got dinner at a posh little Thai place–mediocre food, but bad Thai is better than most good food. We also decided to try and scalp tickets for a Padres game. We were only a couple blocks from the stadium. So we walked over and there were people everywhere looking for extra tickets. We both made mention of how we're used to being swarmed, especially in Chicago, by scalpers every game or concert you go to. Instead we kept running into people looking for the same things we were. We decided, after a couple laps around the area, to give up and head back to the hotel. We had a great drive home and slept hard last night.

I'm ready to get home, even though I know it's back to midwest landscapes and humidity. They are offering vouchers for us if we are willing to wait another 3 hours to leave. I'm just ready to get home–I know I might be missing out on a "good deal," but I'm not sure I can sit around the airport for that long waiting. Besides, I like the idea that the plan might not be jammed full after all. We've got the final row again on this flight–that's three in a row! I'm not sure I've been in the final row ever before this trip.



Thursday, July 14, 2005

Great day here in California.

Amish Aaron has mentioned this placed called Wahoo's Fish Tacos to me before. Today I had my first Wahoo experience. AN and I drove to Laguna Beach and cruised a little. We sat and watched the waves break, people play volleyball, older women complain that the water is too cold and then wander back out again, holding their shorts/capris up higher. Had some great Left Coast sushi too.

It's 1:14 am to my body and only 10:14 in Lake Forest.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey from CA.

For starters, here is a clip from The Lucksmiths that I wrote about last time, The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco. Sorry that it's not the entire song. I'm going to connect with some of these other true music bloggers and figure out how to do a better job.

A couple of flying thoughts:

I don't want to sound like a complete and total racist, but I can't figure out why they have the person with the heaviest accent, foreign or not, be the person who holds the trucker CB to communicate with a plane full of people. Now granted, we have all heard what they have to say before and no one bothers to listen in the first place. However, I listened yesterday and I'm convinced there were things this man said that I have never heard before. There must have been brand new details about new plane features or emergency procedures. I grew a little worried yesterday actually. I mean, what if there is something really important this plane needs to hear and know and because Charlie Brown's teacher is the one telling us, there's just no chance of us ever knowing.

AN and I spent some time in the airport bookstore places. I just have to say, I'm not sure how I feel about Jessica Simpson being on 8 different covers! I mean, is this Dukes Of Hazzard movie going to be that good?! Is this suspected break-up with Nick that much on the mind of America? This one cover, I just can't remember which, had her posing in this American flag-like bikini. Beside her picture it said, "Oh God, what a great country!" That made me laugh.

It was great to see the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon from the plane yesterday. This really is a gorgeous world we live in.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Greetings from my new living room.

The move is complete–I've only boxes left to unpack and possessions left to locate in said boxes. Thanks to the boys who helped make the move less painful and for those who have sent good move wishes this way. The central air option of this house has been outstanding. It's spacious, even with one of the world's smallest bathrooms. On Friday the good people from C*mc*st (name "disguised" to protect the terrifically guilty) stopped by to set up and install cable and internet. The guy ended up being here for a little over two hours and still made a mistake. Evidently the cable modem I was provided was "registered" to another person's account. All my attempts to install were greeted with "error" messages and commands to contact customer service. It took an extra 48 hours to get it straightened out, but now I'm able to post for the first time at home in a long time.

I paid $2.49 for gas today. I wish GR had some public transportation–or that I could find a rickshaw.

I'm heading to LA with AN tomorrow. We're hitting up a conference and hope to do some surfing. It's been a couple years since I've been to California.

Feeling really random today.

I can't figure out why no one makes a plain, black, short-sleeved, button-up/down shirt. I don't care what material it is (other than silk) or what brand it is. I just don't want red and yellow flames on it. Or some gaudy brand name splashed across the chest and one shoulder. I know that ends up being the exact opposite of marketing. All I want is something I can wear that doesn't turn me into a gigantic billboard. That's one of the reasons I do 95% of my shopping at resale shops. I can usually find a good Montgomery Ward shirt, in a solid color, with no logo on the breast. But evidently there is no such thing as a plain black shirt in that design/style.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love crossword puzzles? I got a TV Guide book of them last night. Tammy and I do them at the bar a lot. Few things better than crosswords about pop culture stuff!!

Have I ever mentioned my hatred for doing laundry?

I've not been keeping up very well on music. It seems stupid to even say that--I can't believe it actually came out of my mouth/hands. I've just been too busy and too broke. I plan to make up for it though now that I can actually stay at my house and look for stuff more regularly. But I will suggest one record that I'm enjoying a ton.

Go out and find The Lucksmiths' new album, Warmer Corners. It's fantastic--the addition of a new band member is better than I expected. I'm trying to find a good link for you to hear a song or two, but I have to finish packing so I can wake up in 4 hours. Look for the song "The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco."

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