Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I had pizza for dinner tonight. I'm not a big fan of pizza. It's not that I don't like it--it's just that I usually don't feel like I really ate. I'm talking the normal hand-tossed kind of pizza. Amish Aaron likes this THICK crust stuff that isn't possible to eat more than 2 slices. That stuff is a meal--but the kind I had tonight felt like a snack. I also think I have outdone all the pizza consumption a person can have in life. Way too many Papa John's orders in college!!

I was thinking today about all the people I never talk to anymore. It's strange how uneventfully people can leave your life. I can run down half a dozen people in my cell phone that I haven't talked to in months--but I still have their numbers and, I would presume (hope), they still have mine. What happens? How is it that neither of us picks up the phone to call the other one anymore? There wasn't a fight or disagreement or decision to avoid all contact... Things just... stopped. It actually kind of depresses me. The worst part is that even though I am thinking about these couple of people, I am not going to call. By now, it's simply too much work to catch up on a friendship. And I suppose that's the reason--a mutual understanding that the amount of work it would take to resume a friendship isn't worth the friendship itself.

Equally depressing thought.

Craving sushi lately. A guy told me about this place he loves going and they do "wasabi bombs!" Once they have eaten everything, they take the leftover wasabi and leftover ginger and wrap the wasabi up in the ginger and swallow it. I'm getting sushi in Lansing in a couple weeks--a place that has come recommended. I used to have it almost every week when I lived in IL. I'm starting to forget what it tastes like---that's NOT good.

Wilco's new record came out today. It's really good. I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed, but I like the organic nature of the recordings. It's still experimental in many ways, but it does seem more raw too. And Tweedy's lyrics are as moving as ever.

Might be an early night for me. I'm thinking it might be a book and Jack and coke evening--that is, unless c@it comes online to chat it up.

Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday to one of my inspirations in the world of entertainment. This man has brought music to millions of people around the world in a fresh and cutting edge way. He has dated quite a few women that most American males would love the chance to simply wave at. And he has set a new standard for cool. Boys and girls, today, turning 31 years old, is......

Carson Daly

Excuse me while I go "release" the pizza I had before.


Monday, June 21, 2004

Can't figure out why construction would be happening on a Sunday night around 7:30. As I left work last night, I ran right into a line of cars (not literally) all stopped thanks to about a quarter mile's worth of shoulder work. WHY?! And it didn't look like they had been working for very long. I thought they had probably just gotten started. Small frustration.

Got sunburnt Saturday. Glad to be looking like one of those old-fashioned christmas tree lights. You know the ones--before they coated them with some kind of flame retardant stuff. They were the kind that always turned the ends of our plastic tree brown. The kind that my parents always warned us (and the dog incidently) about staying away from because they would "burn you bad" if you touched them. Have that picture in mind? Is the bulb glowing red? OK--now imagine that bulb with my eyes and facial features on it and on top of my body.

That's me today.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Been listening to "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve the past couple of days. I love the Brit-Pop groove and vibe--but the first four lines of this particular song get me--hit me hard!

"All this talk of getting old
It's getting me down my love
Like a cat in a bag
Waiting to drown...."

Guess that sums me up right now. My mood, generally, has been stable, but I've felt the weight of my age in comparison with my stage of life... Nothing new--just a strong recurrence.

And sorry to all those who might have been offended by my sending out internet props to Justin Timberlake--I was obviously SMASHED when I wrote that. (sorry c@it!!)

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