Friday, May 13, 2005

Really busy week. Don't remember the last time I was as over-committed as the last 7 or 8 days. Hate to neglect the hordes of people constantly begging for me to write something. I try to give the people what they want, but it's a difficult goal in life....

Played a fantastic game of kickball with some people this past week. I have no idea when I did that last. The next morning I noticed that my right thigh was sore from all the kicking. That never happened in middle school! The teams were crudely uneven and one girl kept getting pretty upset--she wouldn't even give high-fives as we were switching fields. Nothing better than seeing someone get upset during a silly little game like that.

Watched Fight Club with @m a couple days ago. It's easily one of my favorite movies. It's been a long time since I was in a fight. Think it was probably early high school--some silly little demonstration of 15 year-old bravado over a dodgeball dispute in gym probably. I never really won or lost a fight. Seems like every one of them got started and ended up finishing in shouting and silly threats after a couple of flailing punches and headlocks.

Tyler asks in the movie "How much can you really know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" I wonder if I should make one happen and see what I learn about myself.

As it's getting warmer, I'm noticing all kinds of little fleas flying around me. My head resembles an inviting landing pad, so I'm not surprised they are around. What seems strange is how many there are. Other people are being bothered by them too--not just the bald population.

Going to see Doves this Saturday in Detroit. They are playing with Mercury Rev and I'm very excited. Not been to a good rock show for a while--been mostly more "mellow" stuff the past couple times.

Music thoughts: The latest New Order album is fantastic. If you miss some of that electro-pop from the 80s, this record will help satisfy some of that craving. Listened a lot this past week to a couple albums. blinking lights and other revelations by Eels is so great. It's a double album filled with sad songs about death and loss, but ultimately about hope and working through difficulties. Sardonic vocals and beautiful piano/acoustic ballads--great combo.

The new Ben Folds album, Songs For Silverman hasn't won me over yet. I hoped for more of the sarcastic, somewhat biting, songs from his 3 EPs. The opening song gives hints of that, but the album is mostly low-key and safe. He's a great writer--no denying that. I'm just kind of under-whelmed by it. Definitely worth owning though--replace all your Staind records and go buy this one.

Finally, if you don't know about Emiliana Torrini, you've not begun to live. Her newest record came out not long ago and is smashing. Her first album was full of gorgeous trip-hop grooves and atmospheric vocals. (People familiar with Thievery Corporation probably recognize her voice and anyone who saw the second LOTR movie heard her sing that creepy "Gollum's Song.") The new record is more organic--full of nylon-string guitars and subtle piano. Think Mia Doi Todd or Beth Orton. It's perfect rainy day music--sounds sad, but isn't! Two different sounding records, but both are worth owning. The new record is called Fisherman's Woman and you should go buy it. Forget Kelly Clarkson and go buy this album! As a matter of fact, buy both of them and pass by Ashanti.

For those who liked the Sufjan Stevens song I linked before, here are two more songs from the album that's not due out until June. (Reminder--he's the lunatic who is writing an album about every US state. Michigan is done and this is the second record--about Illinois.)

Casimir Pulaski Day

The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Missed a chance to fulfill some of my New Year's Resolutions. @m and I ate at Friday's today and had one of the longest waits for our food--it was just a hamburger... Two of the chances I blew:

I'm going to complain more in restaurants.
I'm going to get a lot of free stuff in '05

Had I taken the chance to exercise the first, I am sure I would have also accomplished the second. I did break the speed limit on the way home though....

Stop listening to mainstream radio--it might give you herpes. (recommended by c@it)

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