Monday, February 28, 2005

Currently playing: "Unsent" by Alanis Morissette.

I actually really like her songs. I know they are less actual song and more like singing poetry/diary entries over some music, but there has always been something about that I like. Even the two newest records I've enjoyed. "Unsent" is a crazy good idea for a song and in my top 5 of hers probably.

Anyway, snowing again here. But the sun did come out once this weekend.

Not a ton to report--long weekend and just trying to unwind tonight before a new week begins again in a few hours.

Starting a soccer league this week with @M. Haven't played indoor in a couple years so I'm both really excited and a little nervous.

Currently playing: "Naked Girl" by Velvet Teen.

I am often curious about search engines on the new-fangled World Wide Web these kids are so crazy about. I've written before about how people have found this site and have always been entertained. So I was curious, with the Oscars happening, what the top actor/actresses searches might look like. I chose Yahoo! this time and thought I would give the "results" and a few comments.

1. Jennifer Lopez (Stupid. And she's been on the Top 20 chart for 835 days.)
2. Lindsay Lohan (Equally stupid. Why on earth has she catapulted into an American obsession?! 248 days on the chart....)
3. Hilary Duff (Congrats Hil--you've moved up from #6! I watched a couple minutes of her Saturday show/cartoon. It's abysmal and I'm an idiot for thinking it would be anything but.)
4. Pamela Anderson (Men are stupid. She and J-Lo share the same number of days on this chart but it's nice to see Pammie making moves towards the top again as she moved up one ranking point. And oh yeah--she's an author and has had Hepatitis C.)
5. Angelian Jolie (Why?!)
6. Carmen Electra (At this point, I begin to wonder why I am both looking at the chart and including it in my blog.... When was the last time anyone heard about Carmen Electra?!?!)
7. Jon Heder (Finally a reason to rejoice. The highest ranking male on this list is Napoleon!! Though he has fallen from his spot at #3, this still pleases me.)
8. Jesse McCartney (Vote for him on TRL everyone! I'm gonna throw up.)
9. Halle Berry (I'm not gonna throw up)
10. Brad Pitt (I love that he didn't rank higher than Napoleon!! Flippin' sweet!!)
11. Natalie Portman (Not ugly and Garden State is great--I watched pieces of it again this weekend and still found myself totally interested. Natalie--as she asks me to call her--made a big jump from #23! That's our biggest mover of the day in the top 20.)
12. Jennifer Aniston (Prediction: she's totally out of the picture in 14 months.)
13. Jessica Alba (Prediction: she's totally out of the picture in 14 minutes.)
14. Eva Mendes (I had no idea who this was. I've heard Hitch was entertaining though. I won't see it.)
15. Tara Reid (Are you serious?!?)
16. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Is she still alive?)
17. Johnny Depp (Two words: 21 Jumpstreet.)
18. Mary-Kate and Ash.. (I can't even write their names out!)
19. Orlando Bloom (He is really funny! More 7Up commercials please.)
20. Will Smith (I officially have no opinion about him.)

There you go.

I need a new hobby.

Exit music: "Don't Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2)" by Yo La Tengo.

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